Once Upon a Time There Was Cute (And then there was more cute after that)

Tonight our church had its annual Sunday School Christmas program. The following two pictures were taken while my sons were actually singing. They are terrible pictures for a variety of reasons, including the facts that I was far away, there were large heads in the way, and I had to crop them way in so as to avoid the posting of OPC (other people’s children) on the interwebs.

Stinky’s class sang “Away in a Manger,” which is a youngest-class-in-the-program tradition dating back so far that probably Jesus Himself sang it in the Sunday School program when He was five. He was actually the oldest kid up there, which didn’t stop him from being cute. I would have a mediocre video of the event to share, but the Flip decided to freak out on me, so you’ll have to settle for this mediocre picture.

I did make a mediocre video of Bubba’s class singing “Silent Night,” but I’m too lazy to actually upload it. So here is another mediocre picture.

I was sitting halfway back in the sanctuary and could clearly hear Bubba’s voice. He’s such a good little singer. It was cute.

After the program, I asked my friend Melissa to take some pictures of our family, since we were all dressed up fancy and everything.

Three out of five looking at the camera isn’t bad! Ha!

But the outtakes are decidedly more fun.

The next one is my favorite family picture of all time. Possibly because it includes a rufflebutt.

Afterwards I set Little One down on the floor, and when we looked up, we were shocked and horrified to discover this:

Little One made a beeline down the aisle, going after her buddy J.

At least we thought they were just friends.

Don’t believe those big innocent eyes.

She can’t hide the truth from us any longer.

(Seriously, though, if J and Little One do end up getting married someday, won’t these be the very cutest pictures in the universe to show at the wedding? HA!)


5 thoughts on “Once Upon a Time There Was Cute (And then there was more cute after that)

  1. i already take pix of my kids with who i want to be spouse- you gotta have cute pix for the powerpoint show during the weeding or reception.
    they’ll thank us later πŸ™‚

    i like your depth in so much of your writing, the intimacy you have with God, AND i like your funny, witty personality!

  2. mediocre or not… those boys are too cute singing in their ties! and the family photos are so much fun!! i just love stinky jumping off the piano bench! gosh, you just can’t make this stuff up! love it!!

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