Maybe I Should Start my Own Hair Blog

I’d like to introduce a new feature here on Together for Good in which I post hairstyles and how-to’s for the masses.

Our first hairstyle is called the “Side Pony with Booger Accessories.”

To create this lovely look, leave the child in her bed a little longer than usual in the morning so she has plenty of time to wipe her nose on her sheets and then rub her hair in it.

I think that this is a perfect festive look for the holiday season, don’t you?

Because nothing says “Merry Christmas” like boogers and side ponies.

*P.S.– I will not actually be starting a new hairstyle feature on Together for Good. At least not until Little One has more hair than just a tuft on either side of her head*


9 thoughts on “Maybe I Should Start my Own Hair Blog

  1. Hee Hee Hee! i think boogers will be all the rage before you know it!

    I gave our little guy his first hair cut last week… I don’t think it could have gone any worse. Ooops! Next time I’ll sedate him first.

    BTW, I am helping Jamie with her new header and when I asked her what look she liked, she sent me here. Snazzy, huh?

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