Snowed In

This was the view from our back door last night–

And this morning, for some reason, the whole city is pretty much closed down.

One of my husband’s facebook friends called it “Snowmageddon.”

That van ain’t going anywhere today. Thankfully pretty much everything is closed.

My husband actually trekked down to the end of the driveway without boots to take this picture. Then he tried to shovel out the bottom of the driveway, where there was a three-foot drift that was already getting packed solid.

It didn’t work very well, but thankfully a very kind neighbor came over with his snowblower and cleared it right out. (Bless his heart. I will have to bring him some sort of baked goods).

So we will be spending our day inside in pajamas, watching the snow keep falling; and I have a feeling that baking, hot chocolate, and movies might be on the schedule.

Which is just a lovely way to spend a day, don’t you think?

Hope wherever you are, you’re staying warm and dry and happy today!


12 thoughts on “Snowed In

  1. can i come over and join you. i need a snowed in day.

    the snow came in my mountain community, but as usual it stops 2 miles up the road. we never get it. and i want snow- i want the day to invite me to stay in my p.j.’s, sip hot cocoa, and curl up with my kids and a movie.

  2. that’s what it looks like here too! where do you live? i’m in green bay (wi)… 15 inches so far and still snowing i think. i’m gonna share some pictures later lol

  3. oh erin… i hope you did just that! and i sure hope that it was warm and snuggly inside… but this florida girl can’t help but envy your snowmageddon 🙂 it is beautiful, isn’t it?!

  4. Brrrrrrr….. can I safely say that you may have a white Christmas? I wish I could see some snow. I have never been in any snow places my whole life. And I thought it was cold here when it was 30 degree a couple of days ago!

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