In Which I Brag Again on my Awesome Kid.

So I may have mentioned it already, but yesterday someone in my house turned seven (sigh).

Last night we had his little family birthday party. We already celebrated his birthday and mine with my parents over Thanksgiving, and our kids only get “friend parties” every other year, so this year it was just a family party. Which was wonderful and low-key and a totally fabulous time.

He requested “salt potatoes”– which means baked potatoes. Apparently the kosher salt we rub all over them has made an impression on my kiddos. So we had baked potatoes with bacon and cheese and sour cream– simply delightful.

And then he opened his gifts, which included three DVDs purchased for pretty much free using gift cards I won through, some cash, and a couple toy vehicles. But the gift that made me the happiest was the book. Several months ago I had created a book on of scans/photos of all his artwork from kindergarten. But when I went to print my “free” book I was a bit disgusted by the shipping costs, and so it sat there on artscow for a long time. Then last month they ran a deal where you could get a 20-page book for $5 shipped. So I ordered it.

I was afraid it wasn’t going to come in time, because as of yesterday morning it hadn’t arrived. But then it got here just in the nick of time, and it is so cool. And the look on his face when he figured out what it was was so cool. And his proclamation that this was the best birthday ever was so cool.

After presents it was time for cake, and boy oh boy did he ever have a cake.

A couple weeks ago I asked Bubs what he wanted on his birthday cake, and he had a very specific request.

“I want a duck on my cake. And I want it to be wearing a birthday hat. And I want the cake to say ‘Happy Birthday Duck.'”

Erm. Okay?

I told him that was kind of goofy, and he said that he knew it was goofy but he thought it was funny and that’s exactly what he wanted.

So I procured a duck cookie cutter to use for the outline from a sweet friend, and went to work with globs of frosting. I kind of hate decorating cakes, because I feel like I can never live up to the amazing cakes I had as a kid. My mom used to be a professional cake decorator. She did not pass on her talent.

But when Bubba saw his cake, he was so excited. He proclaimed it to be “exactly what I wanted,” and he told me he thought I was just as good as Grandma and he thought I did a wonderful job.

Which kind of moments make motherhood a pretty good deal.

Anyway, my blog has kind of been crying with all the pictures I’ve been putting in it lately, so I made a collage of pics from his birthday party.

Yeah, it was a good day. And he’s a great kid.

And I’m one blessed mama.


8 thoughts on “In Which I Brag Again on my Awesome Kid.

  1. I’m so glad you cut out the duck for him. He told me that he thought it would be REALLY COOL if you could cut out the duck and he could have the whole thing. But then he said, “But maybe that would be too much sugar for me.” ROFL He’s so silly.

  2. You are such a great and thoughtful mom! 🙂 And I think your cape is fabulous. (That was supposed to say cake, but I decided you might have a fabulous cape too, and who am I to take its moment in the sun away from it? So, the cake is cool too.)

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