All Your Wildest Expectations Couldn’t Have Prepared You for This.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to sit with the Together family at an event? Have you ever lain awake in bed at night, just wishing you could come to our son’s Christmas program and hang out with us?

In never-before-seen footage, the following video will give you just a taste of the true joy that it is to hang out with the Together family. This is gripping stuff, people.

And just in case anyone wondered, we considered this evening a success as far as outings go.

Who needs kids in Mary and Joseph costumes? We are our own entertainment.


11 thoughts on “All Your Wildest Expectations Couldn’t Have Prepared You for This.

  1. Ahhh the memories! I sure remember those days… Now I just have teenagers who slouch and whine and look bored and don’t want to sit with me at all.

    I notice that every time the music picks up, Gracie is much happier because she can dance.

  2. Oh my goodness, Erin. ROFL The guy at the end totally cracked me up. I can’t even imagine what the people behind you were thinking when you turned the camera around to video yourselves. I’m laughing just thinking about it.

  3. I laughed when I saw the guy at the end and thought I would mention it, and then you asked about him! LOL

    I would totally sit beside you guys and laugh at your baby singing along. What a cutie!

    As far as the Stinkycam goes… yeah, I got a little sea sick I must admit.

  4. how i remember those days… i miss them a little, but just a little.

    i miss the sweet singing, kids wrapped up like presents, babies grabbing for the camera making baby noises… but i don’t miss the bundling them up to get them in the car, the whining on the way home, the cranky kids finally to sleep, and then being up a few short hours later with baby, exhausted mommy starting again tomorrow, hoping this day isn’t the day i have my nervous breakdown.

  5. So fun! And don’t worry about others around you. I have found most people really love the babie/toddler antics and are just looking because its cute or it brings back memories of their own kiddos. Those who are looking in disaproval well, pooey on them for not seeing the joy that children are! I would like to see them handle 2 young children.
    Your family is too cute!

  6. i must admit… .i am not a video watcher. i usually skip right over ’em. up til now i have watched…. one. but i have now doubled my rate of viewing 🙂 i loved it. every second!

    i have not had this kind of experience in a while… until last weekend’s piano recital! i was sitting next to my 3yo niece (who is such a fashion girl!) when someone would get up to tell the name of thier piece, chelsea would comment on the girls dress- loudly! ” i love her pretty dress. i love it” my mom & i were sitting there withour fingers crossed becasue if she didn’t love it? whoa!

    anyway… i was kinda wishing you were up in the front row. because i could just imagine the looks/unteraction from bubs!

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