The Amazing $8 Glasses

Bubba’s glasses broke about two weeks ago, which was a pain but not a huge catastrophe. Thankfully he was eligible through our insurance for a new pair, and doubly thankfully he only had a couple more days of school left before break (he gets headaches without his glasses), and triply thankfully they were able to get him into our eye doctor that same week. Which was very nearly a Christmas miracle.

We are very blessed with good vision insurance, so by the time they had applied the insurance we only had to pay $108 for the eye exam and a complete pair of glasses (with special lenses so his eyes don’t look BUGGY). It was $108 we didn’t really have at the time, but we were thankful it wasn’t more.

And then I came home from his appointment and Art handed me an anonymous Christmas card with $100 in it.

Yeah. God is so cool.

Today we went and picked up Bubba’s new specs, and so it is with great happy four-eyed joy that I present to you

The Amazing $8 Glasses.

I’m still getting used to the biggish lenses. His old glasses he had for more than two years, and the lenses were small to begin with. We bought these with some room to grow.

The edges of his glasses frames are green, which the optician who helped us pick them out said was “fashion forward.” Also they are Tommy Hilfiger glasses. I don’t even know if Tommy Hilfiger is still cool, but I would have felt pretty awesome rocking me some Tommy glasses back in the day.

While he was looking out the window so I could take that last picture, the dog decided to put on a nice show. In a fit of boy laughter, Bubs informed the family that Rosie had pooped a really big poop.

Which kind of ended the photo session.

One more picture, though, just for you–

He’s the handsomest big-toothed cheesy-grinned kid I know!


7 thoughts on “The Amazing $8 Glasses

  1. You are a lucky mom, I’ll tell you. I was nowhere near as lively as most little boys, and I managed to break four pairs of glasses in one year. Mostly because I would fall asleep reading, take them off in my sleep, and then roll over on them. Oh, I was a delight to my eye doctor, I’m sure!

    Happy New Year to you and your family!

  2. I popped over from a comment you recently graced me with… I found such beauty here. And hey, I have one of those eye-glass wearing, cheesy-grinnin’ wild-n-cuddly little fellas at my house too!

    I love, love the photo of the red bow in the baby’s hand. Oh, such feeling you captured. 😉


  3. look at that cutie! i love eye glasses… so smart! and what a beautful blessing. God is SO good. all the time. we will be shopping for laura’s glasses on monday…

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