Once Upon a Time, I Actually Used to Blog Here

I’ve been having some blogging issues lately.

I have all these ideas in my head, all these things I want to say. But every time I start to write them, they either sound dumb or trite or snarky or just plain stupid.

And if I’m going to sound stupid, I want to do it on purpose, not just because I apparently have lost any semblance of writing ability.

In addition to the writer’s block and extreme lack of mojo, there has been a development in my home that has made life a little more, um, interesting.

Little One is now pulling herself up. Which would be fine, except for the fact that she can’t get herself back down again.

At least not without taking the direct gravity route, which tends to make her cry kind of a lot. Of course, once she pulls herself up and has stood there for a few minutes looking cute, she cries because she can’t get down.

Which means there’s been a lot of crying in this house lately.

Also, there’s been a lot of big brother boredom, thanks to school being in session for a whole three days after Christmas break, only to be canceled for two days because of the extreme cold and blowing snow and general failing of Iowa winter.

Which means that Bubba has been home from school, and bored, and that the only thing that has been amusing him is to build large forts in the corner of our living room, using boxes and furniture and blankets and broken pieces of the house (I only wish I were kidding).

I’d post a picture but I didn’t take one because I was too busy losing my mind.

Did I mention that today I found Little One on the bottom step?

And that I have no idea how to prevent her from climbing up the steps without also preventing the boys from climbing up the steps?

And that my hair is rapidly turning even more gray?

She has no idea how lucky she is that she’s so cute.

In other news, Little One had a doctor’s appointment this week, and I think I need to come up with a new nickname for her. I’ll just let the growth chart do the talking. This is where Little One lands on the length chart.

They actually measured her length twice, because they were sure she couldn’t possibly be thirty inches long at eight months. Guess what. She was.

And this is her weight, which is at least in the growth chart.

She’s just a bit over 21 pounds.

I’ve been trying to think of a new nickname for her, but the things I call her at home are things like “Sugar Pants” and I’m not sure I want that to be her nickname for eternity. So she’s stuck being Little One for awhile yet.

And finally, because I know this is all so riveting that you are just dying to read more, I know Christmas was like two weeks ago. My great epic plans to take my kids out in the snow for winter pictures for my January header have been thwarted by the extreme temperatures. (See above). But next week we’re supposed to reach the upper twenties, maybe even lower thirties, so I’ll be able to throw the kids in their shorts and flip-flops and take them out for a photo shoot.

You guys think I’m kidding.

That’s so cute.

Not as cute as that fat little foot though!

Have a happy day. Maybe I’ll post something that involves actual content at some point this weekend.

(But don’t get your hopes up).


5 thoughts on “Once Upon a Time, I Actually Used to Blog Here

  1. I’ve been wondering where our January thaw is and why it has not made an appearance. Next week, eh? Good.

    (trying to get everybody out the door for church when it’s still dark and 9 below is not easy)

  2. I’d say this was a good post.
    And while little ones are cute, there are certain things I don’t miss.

    but I am ready for my son to return to university like my daughter has. Why his school gave them this week off is beyond me. His day and night are mixed up just like a baby.
    And his fort is his man cave basement.

    I’m ready for next week. And spring.

  3. Very cute pictures of Little One!! Hope it does warm up for you soon. Cabin fever is setting in!!!! But isn’t it great to be able to spend so much quality time with all the kids!!

  4. hoping that a warm-up will be coming to you soon! snow photos and school in session- we can’t wait! as for little one… at least she is still the littlest of your bunch 🙂

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