This life
Smaller than the shortest lines
On the hands that made the universe
Hands that hold all history
All time
All eternity
What is man?

This life
No more than a breath
Dust given form and feeling
Till it returns to dust
Here on this earth You made with Your words
Small. So small.
What is man?

This life
Beloved and precious
Hairs counted
Name known
Sin erased
Soul redeemed, restored
Held in a hand that holds burning sun, spinning worlds,
Histories and prophecies and kings and all the great.
Hand that took on infant flesh, carpenter’s callous, iniquity’s scar.
What is man?

Your ways are not our ways.

This life
Given to You
Held in mighty hand that cups oceans
Always safe.
Never alone.
How majestic is Your name in all the earth


5 thoughts on “Mindful

  1. Breathtaking post. Reminds of me the Indescribable talk by Louie Giglio. From where do those fantastic images come?

    And welcome to the Gratitude Community inspired by Ann at holy experience. 🙂

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