What if I took the song’s advice? What if I counted my blessings?

What if I were mindful of the One who is mindful of me, the One who showers me with gifts moment by moment?

What if I set a goal to discover a multitude of blessings– say 1,000 gifts?

A few months ago my sister pointed me in the direction of Ann Voskamp’s blog Holy Experience. She is the mind behind the multitudes, and I am now officially joining her in her weekly counting of gifts. Back in December some of us started counting gifts on Twitter, and I’m going to start with the gifts I have listed there. And then I’m going to keep counting.

I believe that gratitude is the greatest way to cure a multitude of me-based problems. Because gratitude, it isn’t about me. It’s about Him. It’s about His gifts.

And so I begin to count.

Tweeted December 9, 2009

1. naptime

2. baby laughter

3. Christmas music

4. watching the storm but not feeling it

5. boys designing roller coasters @ the table

6. gingerbread

7. banana bread

8. family laughter

9. curious baby

10. glowing tree

11. a day in pajamas

Tweeted December 10, 2009

12. sleeping in

13. waking up to baby cuddles

14. blue sky and sunshine in spite of the cold

15. a few stolen moments alone

16. Pizza

17. warm quilt

18. tv shows on DVD

19. gifts from friends

20. reminders of the Reason

Tweeted December 11, 2009

21. one more day with my six-year-old before he turns seven

22. lunch with my first grader

23. fat baby leg rolls

24. hot food on the griddle

25. Friday

Tweeted December 12, 2009

26. book-it pizza

27. shopping with a little man

28. bowling

29. baked potatoes

30. duck cake

31. a sweet grateful boy

Tweeted December 13, 2009

32. wise friends to pray, to preach, to lead

33. teachers who love my children

34. a church that is a warm family

35. Emmanuel– God is with us

36. clean laundry

37. chocolate coffee cookies

38. sleeping kids

39. wonderful husband

40. amazing grace

Tweeted December 14, 2009

41. laundry going

42. dishwasher running

43. coffee being sipped

44. kids eating

45. to-do list growing

46. home and family

47. sweet kids in the Christmas program

48. a baby that makes everyone around her smile

49. a kind man who gave up his seat

Tweeted December 15, 2009

50. her, laying on my belly, rubbing her eyes, getting sleepier and sleepier and finally tucking her head under my chin

Tweeted December 17, 2009

51. His mercies are new every morning

52. the best church family in the universe (seriously)

53. family who love and care and support

54. God’s incredible provision

55. Those of you who prayed for me yesterday– please know that God answered your prayers. He is SO good.

Tweeted December 18, 2009

56. yummy smells wafting through the house

57. table set with Grandma’s old crystal

58. not having to cook

Tweeted December 20, 2009

59. a date with my husband

60. free babysitting from my awesome parents

61. sweet time together

62. His ways being higher than my ways

Tweeted December 23, 2009

63. Christmas break

64. peppermint bark

65. guitar music

66. happy baby

67. awesome husband

Tweeted December 24, 2009

68. apple pie

69. french bread

70. getting lost in Narnia

71. baby laughing at her daddy

72. hot cider

73. hot chocolate

74. comfort and warmth

Tweeted December 25, 2009

75. the Christmas meatloaf

76. attack ketchup

77. baby throwing spoons

78. buttery corn

79. crumbly pie

80. imperfect Christmas dinner

Tweeted December 26, 2009

81. flannel pajamas

82. an electric blanket

83. a wonderful man to snuggle with

Tweeted December 29, 2009

84. fajitas

85. Dr. Mario

86. hot chocolate with marshmallows

87. The Hobbit

Tweeted January 2, 2010

88. friends

89. laughter

90. good food

91. kids underfoot

92. fellowship

93. conversation

94. fun

Tweeted January 3, 2010

95. fellowship

96. godly women

97. good preaching and good music

98. afternoon naps

99. Sundays

Tweeted January 11, 2010

100. monday morning

101. sweet moments with Him before the bustle of the day

102. salvation from the One made sin for us

103. remembering a whole month of gifts

holy experience


5 thoughts on “Counting

  1. What a beautiful idea! How quickly the list grows, even when you think the days are hard. Wow, Praise God.

    We are trying to focus on thoughtfulness around our house… I’m amazed at how much of a difference that’s making… God is Good

  2. I noticed that running on Twitter. What a great thing to count and remember all of the ways we are blessed. And when you hear of struggles that seem insurmountable, that others are dealing with, you want to sit down and count again.

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