Possibly the Weirdest Blog Post You’ll Ever Read, But at Least It’s Not about Navel Lint

My friend Mindy over at Digital Negatives told me on Facebook this morning that I needed to write a new blog. So blame this on her.

I am in my January slump. It’s an annual thing, and it’s more of a winter slump than a January slump because it often lasts till March. Or April. Or July, depending on how long Iowa decides to hold onto its snow. (Just kidding. In July it will be 6000 degrees and humid out, and I will be in my July slump.)


I just have issues with winter. And this winter I have issues with lots of other stuff, because you can only be knocked down so many times before you just don’t feel like getting up anymore.

And this is why I haven’t been blogging as much, because whenever I put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard I end up with a big long depressing bunch of fail, and while I like to keep it real around here, I also like to keep you around here, and you probably aren’t big on big long depressing bunches of fail.

Especially when my mopey problems are so small compared to all the hurt in places like Haiti right now.

And when you know that there are mothers out there right now mourning the loss of their babies, while you’re sitting in a cozy chair grumpy because mine won’t sleep, well, you kind of feel like a jerk.

And you kind of don’t know what to write about. Light and happy? Serious and deep and spiritual? I don’t know. I just know that if I try to do serious and deep and spiritual, what you’re going to get is depressed and irritable and annoyed, so I’m going to try to pull off light and happy. Forgive me if it has more of a psychotic and ludicrous feel to it.

Today I got an email from Kelly at This Restless Heart, saying that she saw my family’s picture on my Twitter page and recognized my husband.

I mean, if that’s not totally insane and crazy, I don’t know what is. Apparently in 2000-2001 we were all at the same Bible college. Art and I had just gotten married and I was only taking like three small education-related classes, which is my excuse for not recognizing her face or name, but when I told Art about the whole thing he looked at her blog and said he recognized her too!

So now we shall all join hands and sing a rousing round of “It’s a Small World After All.” And then you shall all wish I had just gone to bed.

But seriously, it is awesome to connect with people and discover the things you have in common, and that is just one of the reasons I love blogging so much. And Kelly is an extremely talented writer and photographer, and she has a beautiful little girl and a precious new baby boy born just before Christmas, so you should go visit This Restless Heart and say hello.

(And I’m crossing my fingers that she and her hubby decide to come visit her alma mater sometime so we can share a cup of coffee. Because some of us have issues with change and therefore still live a block from the college.)

(It’s God’s will. I totally know He wants us here. But still. Coming to college and never leaving can feel kind of, I don’t know, lame.)

On a completely different note, the other day at work one of the boys in my class informed me that he wasn’t going to go to college; he was just going to graduate from high school and move into the retirement home.

Let me tell you, if he can figure out a way to do that, sign me up! Ha!

And in another completely random change of subject, I have a new laundry system and I really like it. I mean, as much as you can like something as entirely pathetic as a laundry system. (Hello, this is the italics fairy. I’m just visiting Erin’s blog today to spice things up. Have a lovely day, sprinkled with great heaping hunks of italics!) Anyway, I have started doing one person’s laundry each day. Each of the kids has their own basket, and on their day I take it down (or have them bring it down), wash everything in it (sheets, towels, everything they’ve used in the last week), and refill it for them.

I can do this because my laundry room is actually larger than my kitchen. And the kids have plenty of space for baskets because their bedroom is about as big as our living room. And I really really like it so far. It makes putting things away so much easier when you only have to put things in one dresser.

The fact that I am this excited about my laundry is making me a bit nervous.

It’s possible that this blog jumped the shark awhile back, but let me bring it back to its pre-shark-jump state of mediocrity with a delightful little Stinky and Bubs moment.

Earlier tonight, Bubs said that he was going to marry a girl whose name starts with G. And so I asked him if he knew any girls whose names start with G, and he said not really. And I said it didn’t really matter what her name was as long as she loved God and would be a good wife for him. At which point Stinky decided to put in his two cents.

“Yeah, she should be kind, and loving, and make you dinner.”

Like I said earlier, blame Mindy for this post. I hope it was inspiring enough for you, Mindy.

(Yeah, it probably inspires her to never tell me to blog again!)

(has anyone seen my Deep Woods Off? There seems to be something flying around my head. And also, I can’t seem to stop writing in italics).


15 thoughts on “Possibly the Weirdest Blog Post You’ll Ever Read, But at Least It’s Not about Navel Lint

  1. oh how i love to visit you. love it! no matter what you are writing about… no matter what mood! keep on loving your laundry system… somedays i think excitement about stuff like that is the only thing that keeps me moving. although… i am thinking about this new laundry philosophy that my new (birthdfay gift) keychain reads… live each day like it is your last- which is why i have no clean laundry, because who wants to do laundry on the last day of their live! i even got my own fairy… the bad housekeeping fairy! how’s that for a gift 🙂
    smile… keep on.

  2. Yea for the new laundry system! It sounds divine and really- in a year or two you’ll be all set to teach those boys how to do their own laundry!

    I’ve often wondered how I’m going to do that with my current laundry system. I’m really quite anal about it. Perhaps I will try your system out and see how it goes- my kids doing their own laundry. Wouldn’t that be awesome!

  3. No way! It IS a small world.
    And you have managed to entertain me in spite of your January slump. (A slump which I totally understand because I also am in one of a similar vein.) However, to come up with a new and effective laundry system in the middle of your slump. Well, that’s just incongruent with slumpiness. And making me look bad. So good for you and all, but it made me a little bit bitter on the inside.
    (Oh I kid. You know I love you.)

  4. You like to keep it real?

    True Dat, fo sho you r keepin’ it real, Dawg! Gurl Powwah!!!!!!

    Ok, sorry for the poor grammar and spelling. I really hated writing it, but I feel better now. It was kind of like vomiting.

  5. I like that laundry system. 🙂 I mean, I only have one other person to do laundry for and I feel like I have laundry everywhere, I don’t know how you manage it!

  6. That laundry system sounds great! I think I’ll try it out as soon as I get to the store to buy laundry soap! When I was a little girl I wanted to marry a boy whose name started with “J” because then our letters would be next to eachother in the alphabet which I thought was very romantic. Dreams do come true, I did marry a boy whose name started with a “J”! However “G” is not a very common letter for girl names I can only think of ‘Gertrude’, ‘Ginger or perhaps ‘Gabby’ . 🙂 Thanks for posting! ‘

  7. you are adorable. i did miss you. it;s hard to blog when your down.
    i’m sorry your kids aren’t sleeping. i’m not sleeping, maybe i should come stay up with them so you can get some z’s.

    i hate laundry. i have a new system. i wash it, dry it (i air dry too much), and then my kids fold it and put it away. i love having big kids. they keep me from having to find missing white socks, and going out of my mind.

    hopefully your future d.i.l. is a good cook, since she’ll be making you dinner.

  8. You have just given me my laugh for the day! Stream-of-consciousness is a favorite posting method of mine – loved yours!

    Thanks for the shout-out, and wow, I am still floored that there are “real people” online… *grin* Weirdness.

  9. This is so great! Especially since I am in a major January Funk! :p

    I may have to try out your laundry system (unless I have another baby, at which point I will have more people in my family than days of the week!)

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