Maybe We Could Get Him Mr. Squiggles Instead

Art and I have been considering our son, Stinky, and the large Bubba-shaped shadow in which Stinky resides. Bubs can have an overwhelming personality, and because they’re so close in age, Stinky can get lost in that personality. We worry that Stinky only does stuff because Bubs wants to, or Bubs likes it.

This became especially apparent when Bubba started reading Magic Tree House books, and Stinky started checking them out from the library too. Because nothing is as appropriate for a pre-reader as a chapter book.


So Art was discussing this with his sister, Karen, who had some great suggestions on ways to get Stinky to find his thing. Some of them were awesome. But one of them was that we get him a hamster or some other type of small furry creature to care for.

Art and I were talking abut this while getting lunch ready and all of a sudden Stinky pipes up.

“We could get one and stomp on its head!!!!

Yeah. No rodents will be entering our home any time soon.


9 thoughts on “Maybe We Could Get Him Mr. Squiggles Instead

  1. Oh my goodness, Erin. ROFLMBO! That is hysterical.

    I’d love you to e-mail me the rest of Karen’s suggestions. Pretty please!

  2. oh my gosh! that cracked me up! i can only think of my sister holding her hamster (teddy) in her hand… while she did cartwheels across the living room!

    but maybe just being aware that he needs his own thing will help you find it πŸ™‚

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