What I Think about Haiti

**please forgive me for not blogging about Haiti sooner. It has been deep in my heart, and for me at least these things take time to rise to the surface**

Tragedy comes, and many rush to help. But always– always one or two, lone voice amidst multitudes– sound the cry of Christian warfare. Sin! Sin! They shout. No more than they deserved!

And we stand together, defend the defenseless, champion the children, and hedge about Him who is named Shepherd and Love.

But maybe– just maybe– in a small secret corner of our minds– we wonder. We question. We doubt.

We remember Sodom and Gomorrah, and we wonder.

Could this be a judgment? Did they, or their fathers, bring a rain of concrete and misery and shame upon themselves?

We feel disgusting for even allowing such thoughts to cross our minds. But we have no real way of knowing, do we?

But we do know this. The God who poured sulfur upon Sodom is the same God who stretched bruised arms upon the Cross. And that judgment and this mercy came both in response to the evil of a sinful humanity.

The truth is that only God knows why devastation of such magnitude shook Haiti this week. Only He knows.

And it doesn’t matter. Our feeble minds are not required to understand. But we are required to respond– in mercy.

Just as our hearts break for our children when they hurt– whether that pain was brought upon themselves or caused through no fault of their own– so God’s heart breaks for the people of Haiti, who hurt tonight with unimaginable pain.

And we, as His hands and feet, are called to show His broken heart– His broken body– to those He so dearly loves.

Is there a time for words of judgment, of warning? Of course.

But we who follow in His steps– who have been given grace beyond measure– follow our Savior to the side of the sinner, and pour out compassion.

And that’s what I think about Haiti.


5 thoughts on “What I Think about Haiti

  1. Tragedy levels the playing field, I think. God’s heart breaks, indeed. Just as it breaks for each of us…

    Join me in sending water to Haiti. tweet #WritingForWater

  2. i knwo you are right… we are just not supposed to understnad. i have to be okay with that. and even in the midst of this devastation, i know that some good has to rise…

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