Hopefully, 561 Words Are Worth 1000 Pictures . . .

Today our family went to the State of Iowa Historical Society Museum (catchy name, huh?). It is one of our favorite places to go when we need a place to go because it’s free. And we do like free around here.

The kids enjoyed the life-sized woolly mammoth skeleton, all the cannon replicas, and of course the button you push over and over and over and over and over again to produce various bugle calls.

I would love to show you pictures of this fun family outing, but I can’t because we didn’t take any.

Today the boys taped about 45 sheets of paper together apiece and created blueprints for a subway system for the entire United States of America, a recycling center that turns old refrigerators into milk bottles (part of the process involves painting them with clear paint), and a couple of really really long trains. They seriously spent most of the morning coloring, and it was fabulous.

I would love to show you pictures of their artwork, but I can’t because we didn’t take any.

Tonight Art and I went on a hot date, the first successful date we’ve had in three months. We tried to have a date last month, but instead we had a car issue and my dad had to come rescue us, and whether you’re thirty-one or seventeen, having your dad pick you up early from your date is never a good thing. But tonight we had date success, and we went to Starbucks thanks to my awesome sister and the awesome gift card she got me for Christmas, and we discussed very important things like the music they were playing in the coffee shop and the tutu I purchased for Little One for $1 at Target.

I would love to show you pictures of our awesome romanticness, but I can’t because we didn’t take any.

Our camera died about a week ago. I mean, it’s just gone. Cheaper to replace than to fix gone. Won’t even turn on gone.

Makes me want to cry to think about it gone.

In case you were wondering, a new camera was not exactly in our budget at the moment. It’s been kind of frustrating because I was all set to start promoting myself as a photographer, and this might be a surprise, but you can’t be a photographer without a camera. Sigh.

Thankfully we will be able to replace the camera with money from our tax return. Not so thankfully, we’re still waiting on two of our W-2 forms in order to be able to file our taxes. So I am camera-free until such time as the tax money is deposited into our waiting checking account. Which will probably be at least a month.

And I feel shockingly naked without my camera. A month is a very long time.


It’s one of the reasons I’ve been down this week. But I’m trying to look up. And not be a big depressed idiot about it. I mean, in the end, it’s just a camera.

It’s kind of hard to not feel like a jerk for mourning your camera when so many people are mourning the loss of everything they had, everyone they had.

Anyway, you’ll just have to trust me that today was a good day. Because it was.

Even if I don’t have photographic evidence to prove it.


8 thoughts on “Hopefully, 561 Words Are Worth 1000 Pictures . . .

  1. your pix are always lovely. and i’ve gathered how you love to photograph. and you are so good at it. i hpe you’ll be up and shooting soon!

    when michael broke his hip in aug. he also broke his camera and lens.
    he is a photographer, and we like to eat, and buy $1 tutus at target (gotta look for one of those), so it was like a very hard hit to the gut when we lost the camera and lense. and when we replaced the camera and lens.

  2. oh… i would be naked without my camera, too. but sometimes it is good to not have the pressure of clicking away, and just enjoying the moment. but i can understand wishing it was back in hand. hope those w2s come quickly!

    … and i am so thankful that you got your date night! yahoo!!

  3. So sorry about the camera 😦

    I just broke mine which was just a canon point&shot, but I love it and am so sad. I wonder if it is wrong to be so attached to something with no eternal value?

    We are going to scrimping $ together to purchasing a SLR (excited!)… any tips?

    Memories can be made without pictures & I agree with a previous comment that you made those today.

    So happy for you that you had a successful date!

  4. I know this is a poor substitute and probably won’t be a great solution, but I have a Point and Shoot I could lend you…. I could put it in the mail tomorrow. Then when you get your new one, just mail it back.


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