You Get Random.

The choice was melancholy or random, and since I think perhaps this little blog of mine has been a bit too melancholy lately, we’re going with random.

Oh goody.

Maybe even a list of random. Yes, I think a list shall do quite nicely.

1. Yesterday, Stinky looked outside at the ice on the grill and said with great excitement, “Look! There’s icicles on our girl!”

2. Art and I areΒ  only a few months from our tenth wedding anniversary. This is very exciting. I’m sure many random acts of romantic hilarity shall occur in the next few months.

3. Tonight the boys and I made collage hearts using cereal box cardboard as the base and scrapbook paper to do the actual collaging with. They look pretty cool. I’m planning to mount them on some cardboard or something and frame them and display them in our living room. If I ever get a camera I shall take pictures.

4. I am getting a camera. Just not sure when. Hopefully I’ll be able to order/purchase/whatever one next week. Our tax statement has been approved and now we are just waiting for that magical and mystical day when it is deposited into our checking account.

5. One of the few things that truly delight me about winter is getting to kick the slush out when it builds up in the wheel wells of the van. I love doing that so much. I don’t know why. Probably because I’m awesome.

6. One of my new year’s resolutions was to keep my photos more organized this year. So far so good, being that I’ve not been able to take pictures for nearly two weeks. (Lookin’ on the bright side I am I am!)

7. I had this thought the other day about Martin Luther King, Jr. and his quote about not judging people by the color of their skin but by the content of their character. And I thought that was interesting, because our culture is so hung up on not judging each other that we refuse to be good judges of character. And that’s kind of sad. (not melancholy, just sad.)

8. The lamp on the little table across from my computer chair has the ugliest shade in the universe. I really want to replace it, but lamp shades are so stinking expensive! Something else to add to the “keep an eye out at garage sales” list.

9. I like chocolate. A lot.

10. I think I should go eat some chocolate. Possibly a lot of it. Yum. Bye.


12 thoughts on “You Get Random.

  1. Ha, 8. “Like anyone can even know that, Napoleon!” Napoleon Dynamite, one of those movies that I find myself replaying in my head and laughing at in inappropriate places and times. Like here. πŸ™‚

  2. I totally agree with #5 — I have to practice LOTS of self-control (of which I have not much) to ONLY kick the slush from my vehicle, or that of a (willing) family member or friend. Soooo tempting when you are in a parking lot to “help” others. I just have to remind myself, they MAY have a car alarm, and that’d be pretty embarrasing πŸ™‚

    Enjoyed your random list (oh, and #1 is hilarious!)

  3. i am liking the collage hearts idea! we may have to try that. or maybe just me. because i’m feeling crafty today, but don’t feel like delving too far into my spare (floor full of junk) room!

    and i love that you ae looking on the bright side about your photo organization πŸ™‚ actually, you reminded me that it was one of my goals. i am not doing great so far…

    have you tried spray painting the lamp shade? i did that to my bedroom lamp shades. instead of dusting them πŸ™‚

  4. Congratulations on #2 and I’m totally with you on #9, #10!

    Did someone say chocolate?! …

    Thanks for stopping by Erin and sharing such an awesome praise. I agree – it’s those little only-from-me answers to prayers that amaze me – that He loves me. Happy Friday!

  5. I like lists. I like random. And I like chocolate. I, too, resolved to organize photos better. I hope you get your camera functioning soon so you can start with whatever system you’ve set up. And…I hope you get through your melancholy.

  6. you are funny. i think i will come to wherever you are (iowa, indiania..some “i” state) and sit and visit with you in your randomness.
    i’ll bring chocolate, fabric, scissors, and glue, so we can make you a new cover for your ugly lamp shade…because yes, buying a new one is SO EXPENSIVE!

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