Our Story– Chapter 1

Would it surprise you if I told you I don’t remember meeting my husband?

He remembers the first time he saw me. I was all a-flutter for my friend’s wedding. He remembers me saying, “It’s a beautiful day for a wedding,” and thinking that I must be one of those girls his pastor had warned him about. The girls who just wanted a husband.

But I don’t remember meeting him. One day he wasn’t in my life, and the next day he was one of the gang. I wasn’t interested in him “like that” because I had big dating-related plans for a guy I had met over the summer. And as our sophomore year started, I was dressing in red (my best color, according to my friend Holly) and trying to set the new guy from Washington up with my friend Heather.

Things with that other guy didn’t work out. He kind of turned out to be a jerk, anyway.

Why he needed a girlfriend so, so badly.

But this guy from Washington– the one who was wearing flannel shirts in Iowa in August– he and I were becoming buddies. There were many group trips to Wal-Mart where we rode the coin-operated horses and tried on sunglasses. He proposed with a Dairy Queen straw bent all up like a ring while we were out with a group of friends one night. We called each other “Schnooky Wookums” after that, making fun of the googly-eyed mushy people on our college campus.

Even after he started dating another girl we still kept calling each other Schnook.

We still do.

He dated the other girl for three months. Meanwhile, I spent some lonely moments as all my friends started pairing off. And I had roommate drama. God was teaching me to trust Him only, to wait for His timing.

The night we got "engaged"-- who could resist that zit?

And His timing for that guy from Washington and me– it started on my twentieth birthday.


In honor of my husband’s and my tenth wedding anniversary coming up in May, I am going to start posting some of our story now and then. Thanks to my sister for the inspiration. 🙂 It’s a good story. A little weird, but good. I’d love to hear your story too.


11 thoughts on “Our Story– Chapter 1

  1. I knew you two were meant for each other when his letters had more about you in them then the girl he was dating! I absolutely LOVE to hear stories about the two of you! I’m all squishy and happy on the inside right now! 🙂

  2. This is so sweet! I love stories about how people realized they were in love. 🙂 Ha, I’m about to celebrate my fifth anniversary, maybe by the time my tenth anniversary rolls around I will be able to convince my husband that it’s ok to post something so personal online for the whole world to see. But don’t hold your breath. Well, not like you could do that for 5 years anyway…

  3. oh how i love a love story! i will be anxious to hear more! but i love the dairy queen thing… course i met my husband through the window of our ice cream shop 🙂

  4. Those were some crazy times, sweetie. I can’t believe I let Aron S. carry me out of Walmart while he was wearing those bunny ears.

    Oh wait a minute, yes I can!

  5. Oh this is gonna be fun! I love these stories! Btw, this will fit quite perfectly into Flashback Friday. In which, as you know, you are required to participate. So save a little bit of the fun for Friday, mmkay?

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