Our Story– Chapter Tres

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Just two days after the big epic breakup of birthday happiness, a big group of people got together for a late-evening trip to Stella’s Blue Sky Diner.

Stella’s is an awesome kind of place where the milkshakes are legendary, not just because they are oh, so yummy, but also because if you so choose you can hold the cup on your head and the waitress will pour your shake into it.

I’m not sure why this is so cool; just trust me when I say it is.

Especially when you’re newly twenty.

In an effort to prevent myself from falling into deep like with that guy from Washington, I had been trying to fall into deep like with a different guy, so I convinced him to come along and then spent some quality time getting pretty. I even borrowed my roomie’s top because of course I had nothing to wear.

I don’t remember how I got to Stella’s– a car not being one of my possessions at the time– but I did get there, and I ended up sitting across from the guy I had invited and that guy from Washington.

While we were there, I officially fell into deep like.

The monkey face that started it all. I mean really, what's not to love?

And it wasn’t the guy I had invited who pulled me in. It was that guy from Washington, who entertained me by making crazy monkey faces, slurping his toothpick up through his straw and into his throat, and making fun of me when someone kicked my arm while I was holding my milkshake glass and the waitress dumped a big bunch of milkshake right on my head.

This would be before my arm got bumped. See the shoe? Thanks, Schrep.

Because if you want to seduce a guy, sticky hair is the way to go, baby.

It didn’t matter. I knew this guy was awesome. And I couldn’t prevent myself from crushing on him anymore.

After the milkshakes and french fries were eaten, I subtly arranged to ride home in a friend’s truck– a friend who happened to be giving my new crush a ride too. For some reason I still can’t remember, a couple of the guys carried Art out of the restaurant and pretended to tie him to the hood of the pickup– which shows you how awesome we truly were. I’m sure the people at Stella’s adored us.

In our defense, we tipped well.

The other girl who was riding with us twisted her ankle, so she got dibs on the front seat. That guy from Washington and I were forced to rideΒ  home squashed onto the back bench seat of our friend’s pickup. It was truly tragic, as I’m sure you can imagine. We rode around looking at Christmas lights, got lost, and were nearly late for curfew.

By the time I got back to my dorm I thought I was going to wet my pants.

And also, my hair was still extremely nasty.

But it didn’t matter. It was one of the best nights of my life.

I was officially in deep like with that guy from Washington.


Today I’m linking up with Sharon at Good, True, and Beautiful. Because I am all about remembering our love story– Just for the Joy of It!


13 thoughts on “Our Story– Chapter Tres

  1. between your hair and my outfit, makes you wonder how we EVER got married!

    Oi. What were we thinking?!

    And keep the chapters coming… I’m loving it!

  2. Isn’t it funny to look back and realize that the only way some people ever got together is only because God chose for them to be together? I’m glad God picked the man I married and didn’t give me what would have been my first choice. I can see now how he is perfect for me. It sounds like you and Art are two peas in a pod.

  3. Good things were always happening at Stellas! πŸ™‚ This is fun reading…I think I was in school with you guys during all of this but was apparently much much older…

  4. We loved your version of the story!! Art had filled me in on it shortly after it happened, but yours is so much funnier!! Glad it all worked out in the end!!! HUGS!!!

  5. The “chapter tres” cracked me up. And I literally laughed out loud when I read that you had milkshake dumped all over your head. Sorry, but that visual just cracks me up. ROFL

  6. I am really enjoying this story. πŸ™‚ and not just because you got milkshake poured on your head. That part was icing. Or ice cream. Or whatever. πŸ™‚ But the story is very sweet! I can’t wait to hear the rest!

  7. i am loving this series of yours… there is nothing like a good love story! i cannot believe you have to lay down on the floor to have the milk shake poured… no way would i have done that! but the bumped arm didn’t surprise me a bit πŸ™‚ you have me laughing and smiling this morning…

  8. It’s amazing what you remember from that night! I guess it’s because you were falling in love. I barely remember that night, obviously I was there with my ugly purple shirt on. I do remember someone made the waitress cry. I’m sure we were a lovely bunch!

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