Date Night #2– Destination, Seattle!

Yesterday, our tax return was deposited into our barren bank account, and there was great rejoicing.

In fact, we went a little crazy with all that money, and in a fit of get-us-out-of-here-itis, we put the kids to bed and went to Seattle.

We enjoyed fresh-ground Seattle’s Best coffee at a little cafe with a great view of the Space Needle.

We ate the catch of the day while listening to some great jazz music.

We took in the local art scene,

And were inspired to get all poetic and write some haiku.

O happy rain falls
On glist’ning, emerald shores,
And there is a boat.

Needle and mountains
Point up to cloudy heavens,
And there is a boat.

After we had gorged ourselves on coffee and fresh fish, created beautiful masterpieces, and waxed poetic, we left Seattle and returned to our couch, where we curled up and watched Sleepless in Seattle, of course.

But not before we had taken one more picture.

The best part is, I don’t think the kids even realized we were gone.

And also, there is a boat.

(Maybe you just had to be there).

technically I’m not supposed to post my Project 52 post till Tuesday, but this is the only interesting thing that has happened here recently, so you get to read about it early.

and also, I should have a real camera in my hands by Monday night. Which means that next week’s date night pictures won’t have to be taken on our six-year-old crunchy little Olympus. Woo-hoo!


15 thoughts on “Date Night #2– Destination, Seattle!

  1. Awesome! I love it, and think it would do us (that would be MY schnookie and me) good to “travel” some!! 🙂

  2. oh good! i was loving your story… but i wanted to hear that you got a camera! so glad it is in the plan 🙂 i so wish that having a large amount of $$ in my hand was not so tempting! but i am anxious to do our taxes, too… and get some $ back 🙂

  3. Wow, seeing that picture Art colored made me all homesick!!! Wish I was there too! Looks like you had a great time! 🙂

  4. What a fun idea to “travel” at home. How did you take that last pic with the cityscape behind you? It looks like you really paid attention to the details in this date and it is so creative.

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