Love Song

His love
Huge and consuming
Written across skies and in mountains and over seas
Etched with nails on hands
Painted in brilliant colors and shouted across the universe
Never to be ignored
Poured without reserve upon me

My love
Small and uninspiring
Written with fear on papers hidden and locked in darkness
Kept sealed in private heart-box
Penned in shaking hand and whispered to few
Barely to be heard
Held back in reserve from Him

His love
Knowing me from before time
Inside and out
Seeking, pursuing, understanding, dying
Calling me to His heart
Desiring to be my everything
Wrapping me with blood-bought grace

My love
Knowing Him for all these years
Yet still not knowing
Seeking then hiding, surrendering then turning away
Calling Him with faithless heart
Desiring to be His, yet fearing to be emptied
Wrapped in blood-bought grace

His love
Giving in spite of my weakness
Forgiving my faithlessness
Being all I need
Pouring out peace and mercy
Reaching down to my brokenness again
Over and over
Meeting me there
Beginning and ending

My love
Never adding up

Our love story
Truly only about

His love.

Linked to (In)Courage today– sharing our divine love stories.


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