If My Sister Kills Me, Wear Polka-Dots to My Funeral

I don’t know how exactly the idea came to me. It was brilliant, though.

I had seen an ad for a portrait package at Sears. For only $8 or so, you got a whole ton of portraits. With Christmas coming up, the timing could not be better.

My sister and I pooled our meager resources and talked to our mom’s best friend, who quickly became our co-conspirator and willing chauffeur.

What more could parents want than portraits of their beautiful daughters?

Our first order of business was choosing clothing for this epic event. We quickly decided to wear matching shirts that we had recently bought at Shopko, or possibly K-Mart. With great anticipation we planned and giggled and planned some more.

The big night arrived, and I adorned myself in my awesome clothes, did my hair, and put in some seriously cool plastic earrings. My sister, determined that a girl who was old enough to be a part of top secret portrait plots was old enough to do her own hair, did just that. She swooped her permed hair into a side pony and then, with much application of water, hair gel, and hair spray, she swooped her bangs in the other direction.

She would not listen to me when I told her it looked stupid. She will tell you now that it was my fault. That I, as the older child, should have taken her hair matters into my own hands.

My sister is in severe denial as to her 9-year-old intractability. She was convinced that she looked gorgeous and I was just being annoying and bossy. So I refuse responsibility for her hair foibles.

The outfits, yes. Her hair, no.

On Christmas morning, we were so excited to see our parents’ faces when they unwrapped their amazing gift. One 8×10, two 5×7’s, two sheets of wallets, and one sheet of teensy-weensy little pictures– like 40 to a sheet– all of this:

I’m sure you can imagine what joy my parents experienced. Especially when they found the page of “portrait minis” or whatever they were called.

Fear the Dalmatian Sisters and their black spots of horror.


Linking up to Flashback Friday at Mylestones, where we are “honoring” our siblings this week.

Her birthday is next Tuesday so I’m going to have to do something really amazing to make up for this, huh?

(maybe I could buy her a scrunchie).


26 thoughts on “If My Sister Kills Me, Wear Polka-Dots to My Funeral

  1. A scrunchie would totally make up for it. Especially a black and white polka dotted one. (This like, totally brought back memories).
    This is PERFECT, Erin. Which I’m sure is exactly what your parents thought when they opened your timeless and classy portrait.
    Thanks for joining in today!!

  2. In our house we didn’t wear perfectly matching outfits. We wore the same shirt or dress but mine was pink and hers was purple.


    And it was our family that shoved this concept upon long after it was still cute and it has scarred me for life.

    I have made a vow that my children shall never wear matching outfits. Coordinating, yes, but matching NEVER.

  3. those dots are all makin’ me dizzy!
    this is hysterical! i love the idea… and i love that the result was so grand!
    my sister & i… we have our own hairy issue šŸ™‚ her hair at my wedding. eek. we both still wonder why neither one of us said anything ot the hairdresser!!!

  4. Yes! You should submit it to awkward family photos! If my girls did that I would treasure those photos FOREVER! You girls were super cute! I miss those thousands of itty-bitty photos they used to give, they were perfect for lockets or cards and I just liked them! Great blog!

  5. I think this is great! I love it. That’s an awesome memory and a classic photo. šŸ™‚

    Enjoy your weekend.

  6. Oh, you guys are darling. Just darling. We had both varieties at my house – identical matching and same-outfit-different-color matching. I have way too many photos of my sisters and I looking like some cult-family children. And then one summer my mom made outfits for all the girl cousins…the seven of us together look like an early 90s blue-purple-black-patterned magic picture. Oh, the memories!

  7. I’m pretty sure I had one of those mini’s in my locker…and it didn’t look NEARLY as awkward in 6th grade as it does now šŸ™‚

  8. Erin,

    Laura wears her hair like that to church all the time. We all think it looks beautiful, I don’t know what you are talking about. LOL. My sister and I have a similar picture, only I’m wearing a white lace outfit, with my permed hair, but I think I had the bangs that you curled one back and one forward and spayed them with hairspray until they were crunchy. Oh, the 80’s.

  9. or a locket with one (or two) of your teeny dalmation photos in it.

    my b.f. from back when and i had our pix taken at k-mart in 92. i think we got the same package. we had our first apartment together at the time (something we’d talked about since jr high) we looked hideous, and soon realized it was weird to put up an 8×10 of us in our apt. or to give them out.
    i still have them.

  10. HAHAHAHAHA I LOVE IT!!!!!!!! At least you blame each other……..Dawn still blames me for the perms and funky clothes that SHE picked out! It totally looks like the outfit she wore to her skatetown party……remember that! ? Your mom made the coolest roller skate cake! Ahhhh the memories. So neat to see that you both have grown up to be beautiful young women…wonderful wives….and awesome mothers! God bless you all.

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