Unwrapping Sisterhood

Twenty-nine years ago, God blessed me with a little sister. It took me about twenty-seven years to realize that He had blessed me with a best friend as well.

Last year we shared our pregnancies together, and as our bellies grew, so did our relationship. Now we watch our babies pass new milestones; we send each other pictures and post on one another’s facebook walls. We laugh and cry and give advice and ask for prayer.

We only see each other once a year; sometimes weeks at a time go by where I don’t actually hear her voice; but nearly every day my inbox is flooded with her stories, her encouragements, her pleas for prayer. And every day I discover a little more how entirely amazing she is.

She has become my best friend, after all those years of rivalry and fighting and bad hair.

Happy birthday, Laura Jean.

You are a gift I unwrap every single day, and I am so blessed to call you my sister.


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16 thoughts on “Unwrapping Sisterhood

  1. oh gosh erin… that picture is a permanent fixture now isn’t it! i’m so sure laura jean is loving it πŸ™‚ but the header… is so much fun! love those laughing smiles.

    being pregnant at the same time your sister is must be one of the best things in life. i can just imagine the connection… especially as those babies grow. πŸ™‚

  2. It really is amazing how much there is to love about our sisters that we don’t realize until we encounter them as people. I hae three. You make me think I need to spend some more time investing in them.

  3. Way to make your sister sob all over her sleeping sick baby. πŸ˜‰ Thank you for making my birthday special, Erin. Love you!!

  4. Erin, I remember so well the day Laura was born, we had the privilege of baby sitting for you. The thing I remember was that you got upset with me because I wouldn’t let you color in our phone book. You got so upset and said, “nobody ever let’s me do what I want to do.” We had so much fun having you there. It was so cool when we got your Dad’s phone call that you had a little sister. I am so glad you are now best friends. I have that relationship with my youngest living sister. When we were kids, I resented her. She was 5 years younger than me, but my folks always got her the same thing they got me for our birthday’s. Now that we have “grown up” we are very close and I love her so much – God is so good!!!

  5. this is encouraging. my sis and i have had 34 years of fighting, hair pulling, and hurt…but we’re both trying to come into God’s truth and healing. i take the grace-filled moments, and am trying to run far away from the lies, i need her to run with me.

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