And I dance here
On this spotlighted stage of my imagination
Gauzy skirts rippling finely
Around my denim-clad legs

And I turn the cartwheel
And stick the landing in a perfect ten
My velour tracksuit convincingly become
Tight-stretched leotard over muscular frame

And I build this tower
Taller than any in all the world ever built
With the most modern architecture and shiniest windows
Disguised as worn wooden blocks

And I paint, and I am Picasso
And I rhyme, and I am Shakespeare
And I sing, and I am Miley

Yesterday in my white coat I saved forty stuffed animal lives
Today in my helmet I race faster than any other driver
And tomorrow I will be whatever I want to be

I have no walls.

Good, True & Beautiful


9 thoughts on “Childhood

  1. That is so cool! I was a ballerina doing leaps, but now, I get to encourage my girls to dance and my boys to pretend to put out fires.

    I love being a mama.

  2. oh to be a child.
    i think i spent most of my 20’s in mourning, feeling for the first time that i couldn’t be any thing i wanted to be. i missed always being the hero in my story.

    i just vaccuum too.

    but, i like my vacuum cleaner (because i finally got a real one, after the other one got sick, and i hit it with my van to make sure it wouldn’t recuperate. gotta stay one step a head of my handy-man husband).
    and i do have real live dollies! and i love dressing my girls up, braiding and curling their hair.

    and a real kitchen.

    and a vehicle that takes me further than my backyard (although pedaling is cheaper than gas. and helps with weight loss).

    and i get to stay up as late as i want (sometimes later than i want).

    and i hope that someday my children will tell me that i was a hero in their story..which is much better than being a hero in your own.

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