Because You Needed Proof of the Crazy

Tonight was Crazy Hair Night at AWANA.

We were very excited to participate.

I’m not sure that any of these pictures show the true glory that was my hair. Our assistant pastor saw me in the darkish parking lot and said “nice hat.”

The boys wanted mohawks. (Faux-hawks?) I gave Bubs a more traditional one except he wanted spikes on the side, which mostly just looked stupid, but he was happy. And Stinky got three spikes in a row. (A row-hawk? Snort. I do amuse myself oh so much.)

We were totally the awesomest family there.

Of course, we usually are.

Before I go, can we discuss my hair in the following picture?

For one thing, the GRAY. It is NOT FAIR that I am only thirty-one years old and have that much gray. I have a date with a box of hair dye coming up this weekend. (And you totally can’t even see the worst of it in this picture. I might have to have Art take some before and after pics so you can see the cruel fate that is my hair color).

But more importantly, what is with those short wisps of hair there? The ones that look like bangs gone wrong? They are driving me insane. If you look at the next picture up you will notice that there are some NEON SILVER ones that stick straight up at my part. WHAT IS THAT? I haven’t had a haircut in months. Where are all these random hairs coming from?

Does anyone know? Because I think I would sleep better at night if I knew.

Celebrating a little bit of crazy– Just for the Joy of It!

Good, True & Beautiful

19 thoughts on “Because You Needed Proof of the Crazy

  1. The grey and other funny hair is from having 4, oops – I mean three kids (sorry Art – LOL) all going different directions at the same time!! Welcome to parenthood !!! 😀 Great pictures!! Loved them all. Speaking of your 4th kid, where’s the pics of Art’s crazy hair?? bwhahahahaha

  2. Your boys look pretty styling in mohawks.

    As for the gray, I could hardly tell until you said something about it. Mine has been getting gray too, and the gray hairs coming in are weird hairs. Some of them are curly, and the others definitely do their own thing. Maybe it’s related to the hormones changes or whatever it is that is making our hair gray. No worries, thank goodness you can change it in about an hour with a magic box from the drugstore.

  3. About the little weird wispy hairs. Yes. Me too. And I get them every single time I have a baby. After the baby is born, about 6 – 10 months later, I have little weird wispy bang things. Every. Time.

    So you can blame those on Gracie. 😉

  4. Gray & Crazy hair or not- I still think you are pur-tee…. 😀

    And kudos to you for joining in on the fun. I think I would have had to put on yarn wig or something so no one could see it outside the classroom! LOL

  5. “we are awana cubbies we’re happy all day long…”

    “gray hair is a crown of splendor attained by a righteous life,” i only have 3 gray hairs, very little splendor, very little righteousness.
    i have righteousness envy.

    and yes, what’s with wisps!? i finally rid myself of bangs, but am now cursed with wisps! do they want to be bangs?

    for crazy hair day i have tied little balloons in my girls hair. noah whose hair is almost black, allows me to give him a faux-hawk and add baby powder to it so he looks like a skunk.

    i know a girl who, when she was 3, cut here hair for crazy hair day, her mom wasn’t happy.

  6. My 11 yr-old wears a short faux-hawk everyday. As a amatter of fact, while I was reading your post he was in the bathroom getting it going before school!

    Cute photos!

  7. Gosh – you do poetry and can get crazy — to have fun!

    These pics made me smile! I can’t wait til my kids get older … I know, they’re super cute now– like puppies — but, I like being able to do goofy things together later.. too.;)

    (btw, thanks for the honor of having a place on your blogroll… !)

  8. I can relate to the gray hairs! I was just noticing how bad mine are, at 31 also. Ugh. I actually got my first one when I was 14 or 15. Now though they are definitely multiplying. And why they want to stand up and be seen so badly is beyond me…


    Stopping by from For the Joy of it!


  9. So funny. I have the very same “baby hair” thing going on. The girl who cuts my hair says that it’s replacing the hair that fell out after the baby was born. Maybe! 🙂

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  11. You guys are adorable – and I am not even 30 & I have that much gray – it is crazy. I have those neon silver ones sticking up, too, and I think mine come from when I pluck out my gray hairs and then they grow back. 😦

  12. You are so cool! You do crazy things with your kids hair and then you let them go out of the house like that (right?). Definitely cool in my book.

    My grays are starting to come in and I’m painfully and painstakingly plucking them out. So not fair!

    Hope your date with your box is quite satisfying!

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