Of Nonsense and Butter

Of Nonsense and Butter

I used to swing high,
head flung back,
seeing the world upside down–

I traded my gold
for nonsense,
and I do believe
the laughter may well have been worth it.
What’s life without
a little laughter now and then?

His laughter echoes,
waiting for us–
His beloved–
from that place where tears will never fall,
that place where His face is the sun.

There is a place in my heart
knit of tears–
scarred yet strong
from the weeping.
Tears counted and bottled
will turn to laughter again.

Once wheels spun on hot pavement,
pigtails flying behind,
tears drying in streaks
on my burning face.

Once Grandma saved the tin cans,
and we carried them
to be remade–
their nickels traded for sweet candy.

I would be content
with coffee and pie;
you and me and a fluttering breeze,
churning words like butter.
I have spoken too much.

I have taken too little time to churn,
find the sweet butter,
leave the rest behind.

Take hold of Him.
Taste and see.

taken from my contributions to the #tsptry jam on Tuesday, March 2nd. See everyone’s work, all mashed up together in a delightful stew, at Tweetspeak Poetry.

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