What Were We Thinking?

Please forgive the extremely low quality of this picture. It's a picture of a scrapbook page that I uploaded several years ago to another website, and I'm way too lazy to try to find the original. But please, do take in the amazing trainwrecky goodness of this delightful image.

Actually, I know exactly what we were thinking. We were thinking we were going to be big stars. See, we had this tape of these two sisters singing. They were about our age (we were in junior high) and we knew that we were way more talented than they were. I mean, we’d been singing with Mom since we were three! Clearly the two young ladies on the recording made their mark on the music industry since I have no idea what their names even were. But that doesn’t matter. What mattered was, we were going to be big stars. We were going to have cool clothes, and cool hair, and we were going to get up in front of screaming fans and sing into microphones. We were going to be hot.

So we did what any two self-respecting future music divas would do. We created a most amazing recording of us singing, expertly created on a recorder that was most significantly older than we were. A Capella. Of course when we were famous we’d learn to play the electric guitar, but at that point our instrumental ability consisted of a snazzy version of “Camptown Races” played on a recorder. So we recorded our soon-to-be-famous voices, and had Grandma take pictures of our soon-to-be-famous selves to send to the music execs. On a 110 camera.

This actually is not the funniest picture of the bunch. That would probably be the one of me sitting in Grandma’s old chair, staring dreamily (so I thought) into space, my sister at my feet staring dreamily (so she thought) at a point also in space but not at the same point in space at which I was so intently gazing. You can see how oddly-shaped her nose is, which is especially cute. But this picture is my favorite. I mean, check out that most amazing backdrop. Grandma’s oriental rug and the nice striped couch. We have our backs to the window, with our feet warmly lit by the rays of sunlight. And speaking of feet – check out Laura’s socks. That’s the best part (apart from the glare on my glasses, caused by the flash which was of course necessary because the sun was behind us). I absolutely crack up every time I see those horribly dirty socks. I have no idea where that dirt even came from – certainly not Grandma’s immaculate house!

There we are, in all our early-90’s junior-high hotness. It’s amazing those music execs never called us back . . .


I wrote this in my scrapbook more than four years ago, and thought it was about time it got some bloggy attention. Jo’smusical memory” prompt at Flashback Friday inspired me to pull it out. 🙂


16 thoughts on “What Were We Thinking?

  1. i so love your sister pics 🙂 they always make me smile! and this story… oh erin. you make me laugh. but that is what sisters do, right? cook up schemes and dreams and laugh about ’em later! do you still have the 110 camera? because i think i have a roll of film around here somewhere…

  2. Ha! I love it. My sister and I plotted our superstardom too, I am ASTONIED (favorite Middle English word, ever) that they never came to fruition. We were very busy converting all our Nancy Drew books to plays, and constructing props for our White Christmas sister act out of cardboard and tin foil, and practicing our ballet poses…oh, those were good times!

    P.S. I am a little disappointed that you haven’t found a way to link up with the original recording. I feel like Camptown Races by the Cobb Sisters could be an internet sensation!

  3. Um, wait. Where’s the audio? My life won’t be complete until I hear it. Or perhaps you and your sis can get together for a recording reunion? Share a bit of your sparkle and sizzle with the interwebs? Hmmm?

  4. I don’t have “Camptown Races,” but I do have a pretty good sized collection of classic Cobb sisters music dating back to when they were 5 and 3 years old. I _might_ make one of them available as a link if everybody wheedles enough…

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  6. Maybe you could have named your band the “Dirty Socks” or “Barefeet and Dirt Socks”…kind of catchy don’t ya think? 🙂

  7. my sister and i would have been your competition. our songs recorded on my taper recorder. songs written by a 5th grade me (yikes), oh and we had dance move (we usually stood on street corners performing. i wish i were kidding)

    we sisters would have taken you sisters down!

    and if your sis was anything like mine the socks were dirty because she had been wearing them for a week straight!

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