Some Saturday Blah Blah Blah

I just want to thank everyone who commented on yesterday’s post about Little One’s glasses. Your kind words of encouragement were just what I needed. I just love this little community I have found through my blog. šŸ™‚

Some of you asked some questions about her glasses, so I will do my best to answer them.

Someone asked how they stay on. They do not have a strap, but the ear pieces curve all the way around her ear.

A few asked if she keeps them on. She does, for the most part, unless she’s bored. They warned us not to leave them on her in the car or other places where she isn’t being distracted by toys and stuff. The times she has pulled them off have been when she was sitting in her high chair and ran out of food. The eye doctor said that she probably would leave them on when she realized she could see better with them on. I do think she is seeing better. She will tilt her head so she is looking through them instead of over them.

Someone asked how the doctor knew what prescription she needs. When Bubs got glasses at age three, the eye doctor told us that they just make an educated guess and then as the child gets older and can tell us more, they tweak the prescription accordingly. Dr. Spencer did a very thorough exam, including dilating her eyes, before writing the prescription. They can tell a lot by looking at the shape of the eye, and that gives them a good starting point. As she gets older she’ll be able to tell us more what helps, but for now these should be sufficient.

I also ought to share that I had a brush with fame when I was at the eye doctor with Little One for her first visit. One of the McCaughey septuplets and their mom were there. I actually went to school with Bobbi’s sister, and I thought about asking her if she were Michelle’s sister. I bet she doesn’t get that very often! Ha! Anyway, as such things always are, I was shocked to discover that the septuplets are now old enough to have feet bigger than mine . . . the boys anyway! šŸ™‚ (I didn’t say anything at all to them, by the way. I figure you should be able to go to the eye doctor without being ogled.)

And finally, my dad was kind enough to share a recording of my sister and me singing back when we were little, in response to this post. This is clearly before the “gonna be a rock star” stage, in fact, I expect we were about two and four. You can’t really hear me either because my sister is a bit loud. I think her daughter might take after her in that area. šŸ™‚ Anyway, you can click this link if you want to hear my sister and me sing. (You can click here if you want to hear us sing as adults, but I’ll warn you were are significantly less cute than we used to be.)

Hope you have a lovely weekend!


4 thoughts on “Some Saturday Blah Blah Blah

  1. because she seems to think her sister was upstagin her in the link above, here’s another link that is just Erin and her mom singing. She was 3 or 4 years old, and I believe this was taped at First Baptist Church in Johnson City, NY.

    [audio src="" /]

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