Spring Break

This past week Bubs has been on spring break. Which would have been awesome if it had been at the same time as Art’s spring break, but of course it wasn’t.

(Just imagine me rolling my eyes here).

So Thursday morning Art took work off and we took advantage of the absolutely gorgeous weather and went to Jester Park.

I took a few pictures.

Okay, so I took something like 350 pictures. And I have issues so I couldn’t decide which were my favorites. So I decided instead of posting 75 pictures on my blog, I would make a montage of them. Complete with music. Hooray!

Unfortunately, I am not intelligent enough to figure out how to embed videos from Vimeo on my blog. YouTube, sure, but YouTube doesn’t like it when I use music. Sooooo . . . you’ll have to click this link right here to watch my video. You won’t regret it unless you hate cute children and beautiful days and sunshine and butterflies and little baby kittens.

(Not that there are any butterflies or kittens in the video. I just think that the kind of person who wouldn’t like my montage is that kind of person and you should be ashamed of yourself.)


In typical midwest fashion, our beautiful day in the sun was followed with a day of plunging temperatures and then snow. Kind of a lot of it in fact. Gotta love Iowa.

And poor Bubs is kind of sickish, which just isn’t fair when you’re supposed to be all spring breaky.

So we spent our Saturday reading books and coloring pictures for Art’s stepmom who just had surgery (which I didn’t get in the mail today, but they should be on their way on Monday, love ya JoAnne!) and watching Wallace and Gromit and also editing a bajillion pictures and putting them in a photo montage. Oh and I did some dishes too. It’s been a thrill. A perfect Saturday.

And now before I end this ridiculousness, you will see the following picture in the montage:

You may remember a couple weeks ago when we went to the zoo and saw the bathroom fail there.

This seems to be a recurring issue, Iowa, and you really need to do something to remedy it.

That’s all.

Oh wait, no it’s not. I have something fun for you next week! You are going to be soooooo excited. Seriously. Stay tuned. Together for Good is about to get more awesome than you could ever dream.

Now that’s all.

For real.

Seriously! Go watch the video!

And leave me some comment crack!


(I seem to be feeling a bit incorrigible tonight. Crazy.)

13 thoughts on “Spring Break

  1. You know, you look just a wee bit like Sally Fields in this one. I wonder, is she also as goofy as you? Or as wordy? Hmmm?
    Of course not. There no other as anything as our Erin.

  2. I don’t really like butterflies. But I am ok with kittens. Well, I don’t have a problem with real butterflies, I just don’t like when they decorate everything. And I don’t mean butterflies actually doing the decorating, hanging pictures and mirrors and placing candles with those feeble little legs. I mean a pillowcase covered with scary pastel butterflies, or something like that. Real butterflies are fine. So will I still like your video??

    Sorry, I am feeling a little incorrigible myself. And writing a paper, which makes my brain feel discombobulated. Ok, more discombobulated than usual.


  3. Ah, fun times! (well, except in the bathroom area! Sorry!)

    *I didn’t know your dad worked at Shepherd’s! That’s funny about the misunderstanding! We take our college kids every year for a time of volunteering. I can’t wait until our kids can go along!

  4. The contemplative PORTRAIT of your oldest, The jubilant smile of your second -those are stellar. The big strong hand of a daddy holding the little one of your youngest, that one and the kissing one made me cry; for families still do. Stay together for good. Have fun together. Love each other. Play.

  5. What a great video/slide show!

    The expressions and looks on your children’s faces — joy, fun, laughter — are mirrored in their parents’ faces. šŸ™‚

  6. Perhaps Iowa should hire you as their Director of Development for the Chamber of Commerce. Because nothing says “Come visit Iowa” like a picture of a lady in front of a tipped over port-o-potty.
    That’s some serious class.

    (p.s. Love you, your happy kids, sunshine, and butterflies. But not kittens. Sorry. It’s just that they grow up to be cats.)

  7. glad you had at least one day of spring breaky-ness! ours is next week… and even though i have missed so many days due to this darn sickness, my boss is still letting me take off two days šŸ™‚ looking forward to enjoying some butterfly & kitten moments, too! off to visit yours šŸ™‚

    (and as far as the potty issue… maybe a big ol’ cup for the car is in order!)

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