In the Morning

He says He will wipe all tears
from our eyes.
Scarred hands
strong to save
tenderly wiping away every heartache.
We will know
no more sorrow–
just pure
by any drop of grief.
Oh for that day–
Oh for those gentle mighty hands–
Oh for that joy!

Draw me in, dear Lord.
Draw me in.

10 thoughts on “In the Morning

  1. Nothing like sun up and sun down. Here in Utah there is such a huge panorama, and the sun coming over the morning is as gorgeous as the way it bounces purple light on them in the evening.

  2. Thanks so much! I needed to see/read this today. Although I don’t comment often, I regularly stalk your page (when my internet is working) 🙂 Keep drawing near to Him!

  3. i love art’s photo 🙂

    and it seems we were both being drawn yesterday. i heard “draw me close to you” yesterday at church and have beent hinking on it ever since…

    i love your poem… the words & emotions it stirs in me. thanks for this quiet start to the day…

  4. Beautiful picture… and I love the watermark.

    I’m reading an incredible book called “The Reason for God” by Timothy Keller and he makes the point that heaven will be so much sweeter because of the trials and sin of this world. Your wonderful poem reminded me of that promise.

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