A Date-Night Catch-Up, and also THE MOMENT YOU’VE BEEN WAITING FOR

So it’s been awhile (read, a month and a half) since I posted a date-night recap. Not because we haven’t had any dates; we missed one because we were all sick, but other than that we have faithfully had a date night every week since the second weekend in January. I just haven’t posted because I’m lazy.

So I will quickly catch you up. We have had I believe four date nights since I posted last. Maybe five? I feel like I’m missing one. Hmm.

Anyway. Isn’t my thought process riveting?

The weekend after Valentine’s Day, my son’s school had a fundraiser that was the best. fundraiser. ever. For $25 we got dinner and a show (put on by the students), and free babysitting. For our THREE children. Oh yeah. It was awesome. We had pasta and breadsticks and salad and this really delightful punch and cheesecake for dessert. I won a door prize– a chocolate rose. (Yay for chocolate!). The show was fun, too– there were musical numbers, a dance routine, and some improv acts by the drama students. All in all, excellent night.

The next weekend after that, I pulled out all the stops and we played board games and drank tea. Ha! We played Bible Tri-Bond, which according to my husband is not as fun as regular Tri-Bond. The trouble is that we both have Bible degrees, and he’s in seminary. The questions seemed to either be insanely ridiculously easy or insanely ridiculously hard. Either way, we had fun. Then we played UNO and Art kicked my poor arthritic butt. So we won’t talk about it anymore.

The following weekend it was Art’s turn, and he transformed our living room into a comedy club. We drank Mountain Dew in goblets, ate chocolate ice cream (he knows what I like) and watched a Bill Cosby stand-up routine from about 30 years ago. I swear, my husband laughed so hard I thought he might soil himself. Stressful week. He needed to laugh.

The weekend after that, which was two weekends ago, I completely forgot it was my turn to plan. So we watched Anne of Green Gables, which technically broke the rules b/c watching movies isn’t supposed to be allowed unless it goes with some other activity, but at least we got to cuddle on the couch, right?

Then came last week. And I knew it had to be good, because I had failed the weekend before, and the date before that had been a bit unexciting. I received my inspiration from my blog post last Thursday. As I was reading the comments on it, I decided that it was not too late to make my adolescent dreams come true.

And so, I present to you the product of last Friday night’s date night, written by me and illustrated by my husband. You’ll want to watch it in full screen mode so you can get the most out of his drawings.

drumroll please . . . . . . . . . .

THE LAST LONELY TOILET!!!!!! <—-clicky the linky!

Sigh. Isn’t the world a beautiful place?

Especially since I think someone is growing a curl. And I love curls.

Oh, it’s just epic all around here today, isn’t it?

Have a great one!

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10 thoughts on “A Date-Night Catch-Up, and also THE MOMENT YOU’VE BEEN WAITING FOR

  1. Love the toilet story!!!! So creative and silly of you…it reminds me of the exact kinds of cartoons my friends and I used to dream up while hanging out in the dorm. Haha!!

  2. your love life inspires me 🙂 no, i’m not kidding! loved catching up on your dates… and one of these days i’m planning my own!

  3. How have I not been to your site before?? I know I’ve seen you in comments all over the place… (thanks for the comment tonight sending me over here!)

    I’m so impressed by your date nights – love the Cosby routine/Mountain Dew in fancy glasses night 🙂 What a great way to reconnect!

  4. Love the twist in the end of the toilet tale.

    I’m very jealous of free babysitting – do you think they like international travel, I have 3 well behaved (mostly) children looking for a babysitter here? xo

  5. it’s like the giving tree meets the toilet! so cute. i use the “last lonely toilet” every time i enter a public restroom. but now i will refer to it as that. and how cute were your pix!

    i should be inspired to be creative and intentional and plan dates with my husband as you are. we’d enjoy it. too bad laziness wins out most of the time.

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