Slapdash Saturday– edition 1

So I’ve noticed a bit of a trend around here. I tend to be random on the weekends. I think Saturday is a good time for randomness, don’t you?

Just nod your head and it’ll be over sooner. Trust me.

Anyway, I have decided that I shall just run with what I’ve already got going on, and make it official. So welcome to the inaugural edition of Slapdash Saturday, wherein I just throw my thoughts to the internets with great abandon and little forethought.

I’m not sure how this is different from any other day, but let’s not talk about that now.

Let’s talk about . . . Little One!

She is eleven months old today, and she is extraordinarily adorable. She still isn’t walking, which surprises me. She will take a few steps to Art or me, but that’s all. I’m okay with this, however. Early mobility is highly overrated. And she manages to get into everything quite nicely without actually walking, so it’s not like she is missing out on the broad range of baby activities like stealing coffee mugs, begging treats off Daddy, and irritating the ever-living cheese out of her brothers when they’re trying to read on the couch.

She is finally really up and crawling consistently, instead of army-crawling, and this makes me happy because it keeps her shirts significantly cleaner. She is down to two bottles a day plus one small feeding during the night, and is solely on table food. She says “please,” well, actually, she says “daaaaaaaah” but it means please consistently, so I think it’s her first word. She also says “da-da” but refuses to say “mama” (typical). She also sings “e-i-e-i-o” and it’s the cutest thing in the universe.

In other news, I went to my rheumatologist on Thursday and I am now taking Prednisone. It can have a lot of crazy side effects, but I’ve mostly just noticed that I’m more hyperactive and jittery than usual, and that I am HUNGRY. That said, however, I can go now up and down stairs like a normal 31-year-old woman, and I just generally feel a lot better. Not perfect, but better. I’m only on Prednisone for four weeks, but by then the other drugs she started me on should start to kick in. I’m cautiously optimistic. My arthritis symptoms have been getting progressively worse over the last month or so. I’m thankful to feel normal again. 🙂

This morning I got to judge at the Iowa Talents for Christ meet. It’s a really neat scholarship program that our group of churches has, and this year someone recommended me to help judge the writing competition. Someone who clearly does not read my blog, and who has possibly misplaced faith in my ability to remember how to write an essay. Anyway, I spent the morning in a classroom with one of my professors from college and a lady I used to go to church with, and we made English nerd jokes and had ourselves a lovely time. There was only one entrant this year, so it was a pretty relaxed experience for us. Probably not for her. It was a fun time, but now I am finding myself analyzing every word of this blog and praying none of the other judges find it.

It’s a blog, not a perfect five-paragraph essay. I’ll just keep telling myself that.

Last weekend our church had a special service about heaven, which lead to my ruminations of the past week. It was a really nice service, including drama, music, and Scripture readings. I got to sing in a quartet and– glory be!– I got to hold my own microphone! I know that sounds stupid. But growing up Mom never let us hold our own microphones (I’m sure that had nothing to do with our concert diva theatrics when she did let us), and I still think it’s fun to hold one. I’m such a dork. It was fun to sing, but I did have to remember that I was not in my kitchen singing into a soup ladle, and that probably dancing around the stage with my head flung back in musical abandon would be inappropriate. Especially for the alto line of “Farther Along.”

I hope I get to hold my microphone again. It makes me happy.

About a month ago a friend gave me the book The House That Cleans Itself, and it is revolutionizing my life. I am not an organizational genius, and I have serious issues with cleaning and organizing and, you know, being able to find the floor. But I really love this book. I’m working through the house really slowly but I feel like the things I have done are making a huge difference. Our entryway got a big makeover about three weeks ago and I haven’t really had to tidy it up at all. It’s amazing. AMAZING. I definitely recommend the book if you have issues like mine. Well, I doubt many people have issues like mine, or the world might explode, but you know what I mean. Housekeeping issues.

Finally, this morning Stinky couldn’t find his little stuffed dog Orange. Bubs came down for breakfast all aquiver with excitement over having a Case To Solve. Hes got out a piece of paper and write “The Case of the missing puppy” on it. He had just started writing down his list of suspects when a little voice called from upstairs. “I found him! On my dresser!” And with a look of satisfaction, Bubs scrawled “CASE CLOSED” across the bottom of the paper.

He’s a regular private eye, even without a helicopter.


5 thoughts on “Slapdash Saturday– edition 1

  1. Mobility is completely overrated. My earliest walker was 12 months, and latest 18 months. It was great. And I got to build some massive biceps in the process, since I had to carry these boys around for so long.

    I like your slapdashery. 🙂

  2. 4 weeks of prednisone? i will pray for you. big time. hungry? an understaement. speaking from experience: 7 pounds after 12 days. jittery and crazy? and maybe mean. ha! i hope you warned your hubby 🙂 and i hope it continues to do what it is supposed to do!

    little one is so darn cute. and she’ll walk when she walks, right? and soon little one will be ONE! very exciting 🙂

    and now… i am going to find that book you are raving about. because issues? i got ’em.

    happy saturday!

  3. i just love the name: slapdash? that just sounds fun. and little one is the cutest. prednisone, not so much. Bless your heart. glad it’s helping, though. hang in there. and happy weekend!

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