To That Humble Cot upon Which I Daily Lay My Head

To That Humble Cot upon Which I Daily Lay My Head
a sonnet by Erin Kilmer

Oh bed, which cries with Siren’s call to me,
I can no more resist thy potent charms.
Behold! I climb the stairs and come to thee;
Take me now into thy tranquil arms.

For I could ne’er refuse thy call to rest–
Thou bed of softness, comfort, yea, delight,
And so I crawl within thy cozy nest
With sigh of joy, so warmly for the night.

Oh bed so fair, you do not know the ways
You tempt my heart with mem’ries of thy sheets.
Thoughts of your pillows, fluffed, invade my days;
Your blankets warm call me to more retreats.

And so, dear bed, I now lay down my pen
In favor of your sweet embrace again.


This started out as a facebook status last night, and ended with my husband and I laying in bed dying of laughter thinking of other things we could write poetry to. However, since I’m fairly sure that you don’t want to know how “Once upon a midnight dreary/ while I squatted, weak and weary” ends, I present you instead with this one. Which at least isn’t offensive to the sensibilities of normal people. Shakespeare would be so proud, wouldn’t he?

12 thoughts on “To That Humble Cot upon Which I Daily Lay My Head

  1. I enjoyed this very much. Sonnets sound lovable no matter they are about… though I could be wrong about that, but I do not plan to go in search of unlovable sonnets to find out. And a sonnet that leaves you giggling in bed, well it has done its job well.

  2. Love. This sounds exactly like something my husband and I would do! We used to fall asleep playing ridiculous and dorky word games, but this is way better!

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