Just a Little Walk

Tonight my friends, sisters Julie and Angela, came by with their kids and we all took a walk to the park.

Tonight Bubs and his friend R. took off down the bike path and got far enough away fast enough that they couldn’t hear us yelling so they just kept going and went to the park without us.

Tonight Julie chased them with her stroller, which I was very thankful she was there to do because running is not something I do.

Tonight Bubs and I had a conversation about how far ahead is too far ahead and came to an understanding.

Tonight I managed not to lose it, but I think Bubs understands that if it ever happens again he will be in store for a full-on Mommy Freak Out.

Tonight Stinky fell on the rocks and scraped his knees and was very brave.

Tonight Little One ate wood chips.

Tonight Stinky and Bubs climbed really really high and were very proud of themselves.

Tonight Angela’s daughter C. had an accident in her pants, and Julie’s daughter K. laid on the sidewalk at the park just for fun, apparently.

Tonight Bubs pushed Little One in the swing and almost launched her to Minnesota, and she laughed hysterically.Β  (Okay, so maybe I did have a minor Mommy Freak-Out at that moment. But not a full-blown one).

Tonight, three women took nine kids to the park, and lived to blog about it.

And I think that, my friends, is an accomplishment.


13 thoughts on “Just a Little Walk

  1. my kids are 11,10,& 8 and i still have “mommy freak outs” when they get too far ahead… or turn an isle at the grocery store, spend too long in a public restroom, or can’t be found at church. they are, each of them, my heart with arms and legs on.
    i’m not looking forward to the day they are 18, off to college, “too far ahead.” i fear the mommy freak out i will have then. but hopefully i too will live to blog about it. πŸ™‚

  2. hmmm… that kid to mommy ratio would freak me out. the swing pushing, too!
    i love your new header… and i hope that soon you will have some spring GREEN all around! i forget how brown it is up north in the early spring. oh… and is that a flying dog in the middle of the picture?

  3. You are brave women πŸ™‚ Those # definitely favor the kiddos.
    I am just loving getting to be outdoors & nothing makes me happier than watching my two boys run around together at a playground. These are the moments we are going to hold onto when we are 90 rocking in our porch chairs!

  4. Magical! πŸ™‚ That is what leaving and returning with nine kids and three adults in relatively the same pieces and sizes is. I am very impressed. πŸ™‚

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