Naptime Poet

Naptime Poet
by Erin Kilmer

I’m never gonna dance again
here, surrounded by bright colors,
ABC’s, art projects,
crayons and markers and circle time rug.
Welcome to preschool.
Small children are napping on blue cots,
except Jack– he’s not much
of a napper, so
he rolls around on his low bed,
occasionally throwing an accusing eye
in my direction.
But the music is not my fault;
blame the radio.
I am torn,
thinking of turning down the music–
it seems loud to me–
but that would mean standing up
from too-small child’s chair,
smooth glitter-coated crayon-blotched table,
and stepping over the girl in her
pink ladybug blanket.
Oh yes, I am torn.
Instead I sit here in yellow daycare polo,
supervising another naptime
to say what I need to say.


this was written in response to the March prompt at Cunning Poet’s Society to create a poem about what was going around you at the time. I wrote it while supervising naptime at the daycare where I work, and the radio kept impinging on my creativity, so some of the music made it into my poem. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Naptime Poet

  1. oh you describe preschool nap time well, except for me it was a boy named kody that was wide awake.

    nap time was my favorite part of the preschool day. they really are so cute when they are sleeping. rubbing little backs, sitting beside the talkers, and once they finally all dozed off- listening to their lullaby music as i would lesson plan, write in my journal, or read.

    this post almost makes me miss preschool…almost.

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