Sometimes I have too many words in my head, and none of them will agree to come out and play nice and make sense.

And on those days, I sure am glad I have a cute baby to post pictures of.

Hope your day is lovely, and may your thoughts be way more coherent than mine are. Because I just sat here for two minutes staring into space trying to remember the word coherent. Time for medication and bed! Two of my favorite things! 🙂

Good, True & Beautiful


17 thoughts on “Speechless

  1. hee hee hee.

    I can’t even blame it on medications…. just brain farts!

    (Ooops. Don’t tell your kids I said that! Should I say f*rts instead? No, that seems much worse.)

  2. that happens to me, too… too many words stuck and jumbled… and than forgotten! ha! and… i have NO cute baby to post pics of. that’s why i skip days of posting, i guess!! love her sweet bow!

  3. I am so jealous that you have a girl to wear a ruffly pink skirt like that {grin}.
    Hope that crazy medicine is helping with the pain and that you had a great night of sleep.

  4. Love the pictures, what a cutie! Being the mom of three boys, I don’t see much pink! So I enjoy these girly pictures! Hope you get some rest and relief.

  5. Ha, medication and bed. Nice! I love Little One, she puts such a smile on my face! I love how the glasses somehow make it seem like she is concentrating intensely when probably she is thinking something like “Blue. Bluuuuue. Yes.”

  6. i have too many words in my head right now too. none of them will play nice and make sense either. but i do not have a cute baby. i use to.

    your little one is adorable in her glasses!

  7. Well, if we didn’t have kids, what would we blog about anyways?

    Probably a whole lot of stuff that has no real importance.

    Here’s hoping the bed and meds help everything place nicely in your head!!

  8. What a sweetie! Little bows get me every time 🙂 I’m waiting for Paige’s hair to grow just a little bit more for them… someday 😉

  9. Very cute girl you have there! I heard what you said about bed… I haven’t slept well in the last two nights and I could not write anything on my post that I wanted to so, like you, I just posted pictures and make short captions.

  10. Not only can you post pictures of a baby, you can post pictures of an ADORABLE baby! What a sweet little one she is. No doubt her thoughts are all quite coherent. 🙂

    Have a great day!

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