Slapdash Saturday Edition 2– In Which the Pictures are as Overwhelming as the Lack of Content

This has been a good week. I’m blaming the sunshine and beautiful weather as well as the prednisone for this spontaneous outburst of gladness.

We have taken lots of pictures throughout the week, and I haven’t posted many because I still am not done editing them all I have had so many other riveting things to talk about, so today I hope you are prepared for a plethora of pictures. And possibly some alliteration. Just to keep things poetic.

Monday even my husband was feeling the springtime love, which is shocking. Art hates spring, or at least he pretends to. I think he’s just being obnoxious to make me feel guilty for dragging him out and about whenever the sun is shining. He is a Seattleonian at heart. He would be perfectly happy if it rained about 75% of the year, with snow mixed in with beach weather for the remaining 25%. Weirdo. I, on the other hand, love spring and sunshine and warm weather. This is one of the few ways in which we are truly opposites.

Anyway, he took the kids out to the lake to throw rocks in the water, but unfortunately the beach was flooded. So instead they chilled for awhile on the parking lot and looked at the trees growing out of the water.

Then they rolled down a hill, climbed on a log, and did some other cute woodland things. I was not along for this adventure, so I’m just taking their word for it that it was fun.

In other news, my house smells unpleasantly like eggs. Blech. However, it does not smell like rotten food because I’ve gotten pretty much all of that out of my fridge in my continuing effort to clean the kitchen. Tuesday I rocked the housework. It has really been such a blessing to have a little energy kick from the prednisone.

On Thursday Art, Stinky, Little One, and I went for a little walk. Very little. Mostly we walked to this bridge, took pictures, and then walked back to the van. Can’t have too much excitement in one day, you know.

Guess who has his first wiggly tooth?

It kind of makes me want to cry. In my head, Stinky is still about three. Never mind how huge he is or that he is getting ready for kindergarten in the fall. He’s three I tell you. Three.


At least she’s still small, for awhile longer, right?

And he sure is a fun kid, even if he is insanely huge.

Thursday was April Fool’s Day. You might not have realized that unless you have people in your life who hate you like I have. I got to work that afternoon, and my boss Tami told me I needed to clean the bathrooms. (My job is so glamorous). So I walked in the girl’s room and there was a nasty filled pull-up laying on the floor in one of the stalls and brown smears all over the door and floor and toilet and everything.

It took me about ten seconds. Long enough to yell “I am not cleaning that up!” and then to realize that the fingerprints in the “poo” were suspiciously large and then to remember what day it was.

It was chocolate pudding.

I still had to clean it up though. And I shall have my revenge, someday when they least expect it . . .

Yesterday was my dad’s birthday. They are in the process of putting new carpet in their living room, well actually waiting for the new carpet to be installed in their living room, so we couldn’t go visit them for the weekend. But we hadn’t seen them in six weeks or something crazy like that, and Bubs was very concerned because he had been busy creating birthday presents for Grampa for at least a  month, so in the end we decided to meet kind of in the middle and celebrate Dad’s birthday.

On the way there, the sky looked like this.

Aren’t those clouds amazing?

This morning I was editing these and got playing around with them, and now I am pleased to present you Pictures of the Coming Apocalypse, from Together for Good.

Well that one’s kind of pretty. Still, the clouds are, you know, black. Which is at least a little apocalyptic, don’t you think?

Although not nearly as scary as green and red cartoon clouds of doom.

I like to call this last one “The Second Coming During a Nuclear Explosion.” Which would be totally awesome, you know. If Jesus came back during a nuclear explosion, that would so rock.


Anyway, on with the fun birthday celebration. (Yes. More pictures. You like it.)

Little One and the birthday boy. This picture makes me happy.

So does this one.

This is Bubs carrying his box of birthday gifts for Grampa.

We had dinner at Subway and then went to McDonald’s for dessert. Little One is definitely a fan of chocolate ice cream.

This is a windsock Bubba made. It’s supposed to look like some kind of Star Wars fighter or something.

If only every Grandpa could be so lucky and have his birthday party in the McDonald’s play area. Ha!

Bubs made Dad this rocket.

(sorry for the angle of that photo! Sheesh woman, get a tripod!)

This note was included.

I’m sure Grampa will injoy his rocket a great deal.

And one more gratuitous baby shot–

I wish I had taken a picture of Stinky when we got ready to leave, because he was drenched in sweat from playing so hard. It was amazing.

I hope that wasn’t too many pictures. I just can’t help myself.

The good news is that what with new Easter clothes, and Easter egg dyeing, and Easter egg hunting, I should have about 800 more for you tomorrow!

I shall end with a haiku.

Enjoying the spring
Is ever so much more fun
With end-of-world clouds

5 thoughts on “Slapdash Saturday Edition 2– In Which the Pictures are as Overwhelming as the Lack of Content

  1. It felt like I was sitting down with you, chatting over tea and a yummy snack while I was reading this 🙂 Lovely!
    (and even just thinking of wiggly teeth makes me want to cry!)

  2. the birthday party looks like it could be ranked right up with “the best one ever!” seriously. and your parents looked thrilled to be with their kiddies… a beautiful gift. just slightly more beautiful than the rocket. what a heart that boy has!!

    thanks for the tour of your spring and your scary clouds 🙂 and as for the prednisone… as much as i hate it, i wouldn’t mind the energy about now!

  3. I don’t think I’ve ever read a better haiku. That’s the first one that mad me laugh out loud.

    Hope you had a very very very great Easter.

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