I Am Not Really Capable of Posting Tonight

I just thought I should let y’all know.

I’m blaming the arthritis drugs, plus possibly some, ahem, hormonal issues.

Everything is cracking me up or making me really really mad by turns.

For example, Art has been working on translating Egyptian hieroglyphs for class. And he came across the name Nipkahtau, or some such nonsense. Which is pronounced, kind of, like “niptuckcow.” And NipTuckCow, the Plastic Surgery Bovine, has kept me in stitches for a good half hour now.

Although I did take a break from my giggles to get really really mad at some person I have never met before. Some random person with an ego and an opinion.

But then it was back to the giggles.

So I feel that perhaps tonight is not the best night for me to attempt a post. It’s likely to either be really ridiculous or stupendously snarky. Also, I’m feeling a strange urge to alliterate everything. So much so that I just went on thesaurus.com to try to find a good A-word for everything. The pickin’s were slim, though. So I’m just leaving everything.

As you can see, it’s time for me to take my sleepy pills and go to bed.

But not before I tell you that I have started a poetry blog. I have been waxing poetic a lot lately, and thought perhaps all that stuff should be in one place, for those of you who aren’t big fans of poetry.

Although if you’re not, you should be. At least of mine. Because I write the best haiku on the planet.

You don’t believe me?
Just look at this specimen!
Quality stuff here!

Seriously. Go to the poetry blog. Subscribe down at the bottom. There’s nothing to see here anyway.

Except one more haiku.

Oh Prednisone, you
have made me into a freak.
curse you, evil drug!


9 thoughts on “I Am Not Really Capable of Posting Tonight

  1. Thanks for the giggles
    Nip Tuck Cow got me going
    Took some time to stop

    Glad you still posted
    Prednisone and such aside
    I will hit your blog

    Poetry in veins
    Sometimes can make one insane
    Jotting down can help

    I too write Haikus
    Ponderings, Poems and such
    Come check out my blog

    Thanks again Erin
    Hope to see you round these parts
    Writing up a storm



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  3. Nip tuck cow, ha! There is an Italian character in a video game that I swear walks around saying “Holy butt fluff!” But we can’t go back in the video game to prove that he said it. Of course, we can’t go back to prove that he didn’t say it either, so for the time being, my assessment stands. 😉

    Hope you get some nice sleep tonight 🙂

  4. I remember the days of prednisone ups and downs! I swear it turned me bipolar! thin’ like going from giggling to sobbing to screaming with rage! :0) Love ya sis, you keep me laughin’!

  5. Yours is the only poetry I like.

    Well, yours and Wendell Berry. But that’s it.

    Okay, Okay, there is that one by Robert Frost too.

    So you, Wendell B and Bob.

    Nuff Said.

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