“I am not a supermom,” she says. She protests the label as though it were a badge of shame– her own scarlet letter– rather than a comment of admiration.

She hears the word and thinks not of the work she has accomplished today– the floor mopped and laundry folded and schoolwork done. Instead she replays every snapped word, every impatient eye-roll, every failed opportunity to extend grace. She reserves grace from herself as well.

Unlike hers, my house is a mess. Not because I have sacrificed a day of housework on the altar of playdough, fingerpaint, and cookie-baking. My house is not a testimony to engaged mothering, as some would say. It is a testimony to my love of self, of relaxation, of blogs and tweets and facebook status updates. I lie in bed at night agonizing over lost opportunities, just as she does.

We both cringe under the exalted names others stamp upon us. Even as we seek to hide our dust, we chafe with it when others overlook it.

And yet– I know her. I know she is not perfect, that she has problems and weaknesses. I also see her strengths, her heart. I understand when she falls. She is no supermom, but she is a far better mother than she can see.

We are both so afraid to extend grace to ourselves.

We forgive the sins and faults of others, while flogging ourselves for our own.

I do not think the One who formed our dusty frames, who breathed in His life and poured out His blood, desires this for us.

He sees our dust and loves us anyway. And as He gently, gently blows away the dust to reveal the new man inside us– the image of Himself– He gives grace and mercy for each moment.

If the God of all can extend grace to brokenness, who are we to deny it from ourselves?

Supermom? Of course not.

But beloved nonetheless.


Thanks to Kelly for putting thoughts of dust in my heart. And thanks to the one who is no supermom, but who is still pretty awesome.


12 thoughts on “Supermom

  1. “We are both so afraid to extend grace to ourselves.”

    This line hits me – so very true for most of us! How many of us give praise to friends, but have the hardest time taking it ourselves? We need to cut ourselves a little slack.
    Wonderful post.

  2. To see ourselves through the hearts and minds of others who love us unconditionally. And see ourselves how our Creator sees us.
    This post is well spoken. A car can’t pull up to the gas pump and fill itself up-it comes from without. You are an encourager. The world needs more encouragement.

  3. thank you erin.

    you put into words what i cannot.

    i’m one of these moms (the o.c.d. one), the one who knows how to look like a supermom, but KNOWS she isn’t.

    both mom’s need to live in grace. thank you for pointing that out. for seeing that. for seeing that both have the guilt of the day racing through their minds when their heads hit their pillows each night.

    i find myself saying “give it grace” daily.
    give grace to situations, to children, to SELF!
    i’m learning to (and repeating to myself) “just walk away from the guilt, and give it grace.”

    and when i live in His grace, there is freedom to be the mom he designed ME to be.

  4. Sometimes it is much easier to bestow grace on others, isn’t it? God help us. Help see with God-eyes. We are all so different. Understanding–with our hearts, not just our heads–that there is no one right way to do life is so difficult.

    Live in His grace. Yes.

  5. i REALLY needed to hear these words today, and i’m amazed at how God is showing me the same motifs over and over right now. this was SO good. the mommy wars are tough, eh? and who were we when the world was made? where were we when it was deemed good? yes.

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