Chivalry Is Not Dead– If You’re a CD Player

One time, I woke up in the middle of the night with a terrible charlie horse. Art and I had been married slightly less than two years, and of course I couldn’t let him lie there in peaceful sleep while my leg was having contractions to rival those neat ones they call “transitional labor.” I sat in bed moaning and griping until I woke him up enough to realize he had to go to the bathroom. He left me there in all my agony, rubbing my calf and crying.

I decided maybe I should “walk it out,” so I got out of bed and limped around to our bedroom door.

And then I passed out.


One minute I was standing in the doorway of our bedroom and the next I was laying on my stomach across the doorway of the bathroom. I can’t have been out for more than a few seconds, because Art was still in the bathroom when I came to. I was so confused, but slowly my groggy mind figured out what had happened.

In falling I had knocked the top of a CD player that was there on the floor, and it had popped up.

My arm had hit the corner of a piece of furniture and had a gash in it.

And I was still lying there on the floor when Art came out of the bathroom.

“I think I fainted,” I mumbled.

And my chivalrous, loving husband leaned over, patted me on the head, shut the CD player, and went back to bed.

Ah, romance.


15 thoughts on “Chivalry Is Not Dead– If You’re a CD Player

  1. ROFL Oh my word, Erin. I think I might have just woke up the children with my laughing. This really tickled my funny bone for some reason. Bwahahaha. Still laughing.

    Great post Erin. I love this one.
    I’m not real happy about cracking my forehead on the desk when i went into hysterics reading it though.

  3. Ahhhhh…marriage at its finest!

    Those are the nights when I fancy putting the pillow over my husband’s face just long enough to see him put up a good fight.

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