Slapdash Saturday Edition 4– Behold My Amazing Videography Skills!

It has been a thrilling week in the Together household, including such exciting things as cleaning and working and doing laundry. Little One passed two exciting milestones, learning to drink from a straw and holding her sippy cup high enough that she can actually drink out of it. Operation Bye-Bye Bottle is well underway; she is down to just one before bed.

(She’ll be a year old in ten days. Sad!)

Actually, it’s been a little weird, because I feel like I have been go-go-go all week, but when it comes right down to it I can’t think of much I’ve actually done. Thankfully I have some videos I’ve been meaning to show you, so I have something to post for Slapdash Saturday. Because I know that this weekly tradition of randomnisity really enriches your lives.

The first is from Bubba’s spring concert, which was last night. They sang three songs, but I’m only posting the one because Bubs has a shining moment where he realizes he forgot his sunglasses. 🙂 I apologize in advance for the parts of this video that will most likely cause seasickness. I was laughing. They were just so funny.

In one of the other songs they had these eagle hat things they wore, and Bubs looked so silly with this yellow eagle beak between his eyes. He was so serious about singing and then he had that beak . . . oh my goodness. Maybe you had to be there. But you can’t really see how funny it was in the video so I didn’t share that one. Just trust me. It was funny.

Next up we have Stinky. This is a video of him hunting for one of his Easter eggs. I don’t know if it’s as funny without the context of the entire experience, but I didn’t figure anyone else would enjoy the entire ten minutes. Ha! Our kids are terrible at finding things. They’re getting better as they get older, but seriously. So you just have to imagine that pretty much every egg was like this, only this is more extreme. And ignore my snarky voice. You can only take so much of your kid staring right at something and not seeing it before you start to get a little, ahem, irritable.

And finally, I present Little One Speaks Out, in which she shows off how verbal she’s getting. Cutie.

Naughty girl absolutely refuses to say “Mommy” or anything even remotely similar. Also, I think she has started saying “No.” But I’m pretending she’s just babbling. Ha!

In other thrilling news, we bought a new lawn mower today. It’s the kind without an engine. We might regret this decision very soon. Unless our kids are strong enough to push it, in which case we will love it.

Have a great weekend!


5 thoughts on “Slapdash Saturday Edition 4– Behold My Amazing Videography Skills!

  1. oh my gosh you have me laughing (surprise, surprise!) i shocked myselff and watched all 3 vidoes… loving gracie’s the best (sorry boys!) thanks for the cute song 🙂 and hopefully soon sh e will be saying “mommy”. but don’t jolh your breath… cuz she doesn’t seem to even acknowledge you when you asked her to say it! thanks for the fun!

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