Just Writing

This blank page has been staring at me for nearly an hour, trying to intimidate me. Work calls away and the computer distracts and the page might never brim with words. Too much going on.

That’s just excuses, of course. I’ve written poetry while children dance to Hannah Montana. I’ve penned stories while shooting dirty looks at naughty non-nappers. The problem isn’t the blank page. It’s my full brain.

Julie Cameron calls us to write– just write. And the above words are the beginning of my first writing assignment as I read through The Right to Write with some of my friends from High Calling Blogs. The words are I shared are not words that are special or exciting or deep or new, but they are important because they are the beginning. The beginning of a journey to be a better writer.

I love Cameron’s emphasis on just writing— just sitting down and doing it– write good, write bad, write silly, write serious, write for four hours or four minutes. Just write. It resonates with me.

I love writing. I can’t remember a time in my life when I didn’t love to write down my thoughts. I never pursued it as a career because I was afraid the inspiration would dry up, the pressure would cause me to fail. I have always been good at allowing fear to sabotage me in this way.

And now– I blog and I write poetry and I journal and I love every moment. I don’t know where it’s taking me. But I will write.

Just that.


You should too, starting now.

Once you start, you just may never ever stop.

8 thoughts on “Just Writing

  1. You know what prompts me sometimes? Finding a really good quote. It’s amazing what a good quote can do for a blank page.

    You’re right. Just keep writing. It will come to something.

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  3. You are an inspiration! I don’t write because I tell myself I have too many other things to write. But deep down, it’s my fear, too, that stops me. Go, you!! 😀

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