Dandelion Joy

I like dandelions.

I am amazed how much time, energy, and money people will spend to get rid of them. They might not be beautiful when their half-blown white heads stand six inches taller than the green grass around them, but they just make my kids so happy that I can’t bring myself to hate them.

They cheer up our yard, fill Stinky with joy at their proliferation. They cost no money, require no special attention, and break no hearts when dirty hands mash them into a bouquet “for you, Mommy.” Their seeds are perfect for wish-making and their yellow petals for determining one’s love of butter.

You can keep your lush green carpet of a lawn, spotlessly manicured and groomed more often than a starlet’s purse dog. I’ll be enjoying my dandelion-infested grass and the handfuls of yellow happiness my little boy brings me each day.

You can bet I wouldn’t trade that for the world.

tuesdays unwrapped at cats


12 thoughts on “Dandelion Joy

  1. I have never seen dandelions the same since an old farmer friend of mine told me he loved them because they provided food for his hungry honeybees before anything else bloomed, and for that he was grateful.

  2. Children do so love dandelions. I will have to admit, I have killed a few myself…… in my flower beds. I equate dandelions to little white lies — if left unchecked — they will soon take over! Have a beautiful day!

  3. i have pockets full of dandelion memories… they told me if i loved butter, when there were no buttercups to be found. they were my wishmakers when they turned fluffy. and they were more “i love yous” to my mom and gramma than i could ever count. i wish they grew here in my florida yard as wildly as they did up north. and violets. i miss them, too. and i am so thankful that you are unwrapping them today… that bouquet and that son of yours… sweet love!

  4. I have to say, I really like dandelions right about now… it’s the first sign of summer in this land of snowy tundra (aka Upstate NY).

    But come July, when my whole yard is yellow and I can’t see the grass anymore… not so much.

  5. I too love dandilions, always thought they got jipped in the flower kingdom. The girls adore picking bouquets of them for me too but we leave them outside to make the porch pretty and the girls are convinced that birds will use them to make their nests pretty! I do wish dandiions didn’t me me sneeze!

  6. One of my most cherished memories is of when my oldest son picked me a bouquet of dandelions and brought them proudly to me, saying “Pick Mama flowers” as he held them out for me to smell. There is no fragrance so beautiful as the scent of that bouquet. I can just see him in his little OshKosh overalls with his curly red hair. . . .

    Darn. Now I can hardly see the keyboard for the tears!

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