Birthday Cake

I have cake issues.

My mother used to be a professional cake decorator. We had awesome birthday cakes growing up. She tried to teach me a few times, but the truth of the matter is that a) I was a complete brat that would not let my mother teach me anything, and b) I am severely lacking in the cake-decorating-talent department.

When Bubs turned two, I stood in the cake mix aisle at WalMart and cried because I knew his cake would be so horrible. Somehow being a good mother boiled down to providing my child with an awesome cake.

(Thankfully I got over that silly idea. Now I know that being a good mother boils down to embarrassing your kids as much as possible in a 24-hour period.)

Anyway, a few weeks ago I saw this on Cake Wrecks and emailed a copy of it to my mom, saying I wanted her to make it for Little One’s birthday.

I was totally kidding.

But, she’s so awesome.

Seriously. Isn’t that an awesome birthday cake? My mom rocks.

The rest of this post is pictures of fairly typical birthday cake covered baby, so if you get grossed out by gooey tots you might want to close your eyes, scroll to the bottom, and just leave a comment telling my mom how cool she is.

Fire pretty.

Before the mess.

That’s a glob of pure frosting right there.

When we added the ice cream is when she really got messy.

This is the face of a gorged baby. Ha!

Tomorrow or possibly Tuesday or possibly sometime in September I shall post pictures of her opening gifts.

Thanks again for the wonderful birthday celebration, Mom and Dad. You two are the best. ā¤


15 thoughts on “Birthday Cake

  1. WOW! Your mom is amazing!!! Could she teach a few decorating crash courses? I would love to know how to do that but happen to be challenged in the frosting area! Beautiful!!!

  2. Um, I laughed embarrassingly loudly at the cake pictures. Well, would have been embarrassing except that I am home alone and can laugh as loud as I please. Love, love, love. And your mom is amazing, that cake is gorgeous!! I aspire to that kind of greatness one day šŸ™‚

  3. HOLY CANOLI! Way to go, Mom of ERIN! I’ve never seen a more beautiful cake. Actually, I think your creation is even better than the example on Cake Wrecks.

    I’m a terrible cake maker… it rather embarrassing. Would momofErin ever think about visiting Cooperstown next March so she could do her magic for my poor neglected cake deprived son?

  4. She’s adorable. Love it , Erin,
    And our mom is beautiful, and so talented.

    CakeWrecks is a great site, btw, I can’t resist it for a good laugh.

    Happy One Year of precious life to your angel, and to you , the Birthing Day mom.

  5. What’s wrong with pics of a child thoroughly enjoying their cake, nothing! Thanks for sharing and yes, your mom did an absolutely fabulous job on that cake. šŸ™‚

  6. Thanks for the kind words, but there a couple things my sweet daughter failed to mention. Like, the first mini sized cake I baked for Little One refused to bake and ended up being poured into the trash. I think my oven thermostat is malfunctioning, but I have blamed every failed baking attempt for the past decade on that. It still is my story, and I’m sticking to it. There was also the flailed bumble bee. It was very cute, but I suppose following a recipe might have kept it from sticking to the waxed paper making it impossible to use. I also used canned icing. I am certain Mr. Wilton is rolling over in his grave even as I type.
    The baby is nothing but a sweet joy, and doing her birthday cake was a privilege.

  7. oh, your mom is cool šŸ™‚ and she is so like me… pointing out what went wrong when she didn’t have to say a word! the cake is beautiful… and your birthday girl’s face? covered in goo? just made the laughter bubble out. thanks!

  8. Your birthday photos could be on postcards sold at the car wash, the ones that make me laugh every time I walk through the passage as my car magically drives itself through the rub-a-dub-dub. What blessed children to have a mother with a sense of humor and appropriate sensibilities about sticky icing and enjoying life! Enjoy the next 17 years; she will have on a cap and gown before you blink. Maurie@

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