Crazy Cooking Lady

Over the weekend I decided that the time was ripe to try something I’ve been meaning to try for years: a freezer cooking day. What with life, and three kids, and my husband taking two week-long classes this month, and also life, I thought this would be a good month to have a well-stocked freezer. So Monday I headed out to the grocery store. Twice. Because I forgot my list the first time. I bought lots of stuff for my day of cooking, and entirely forgot to plan a meal for that night, because that’s just how awesome I truly am.

Anyway, yesterday morning I got down to business. I didn’t get to a few things I wanted to do, but all told I have several meals in the freezer and a giant sense of accomplishment.

Here’s what I made:

Two batches of this barbecue chicken. I precooked the chicken overnight in the crock pot. Also I used three times the sauce for two times the chicken, cuz I like my chicken saucy. Ha! This is so yummy. One of our favorite meals. We eat it as sandwiches, but it’s also good on potatoes, scooped up in potato chips, or smeared all over your high chair tray (just ask Squeezy Bug).

Two batches of chicken pasta casserole stuff. It’s something my facebook friends and I invented a few months ago using what I had sitting around my house, and it has become a family favorite. The recipe for one 8×11 pan is one package of shell pasta, one can of cream of chicken soup, some shredded cooked chicken, some chopped up broccoli, and about a cup of cheddar cheese. Boil the pasta, mix everything up but reserve some cheese for the top, pop it in a pan, sprinkle cheese on top, and bake till hot and yummy. My kids call this “seafood” because of the shell pasta. And also because their exposure to actual seafood has been limited to fish sticks, popcorn shrimp at Bonanza, and canned tuna.

Two pans of meatloaf. I used the Betty Crocker recipe, which is my all-time favorite.

Two pans of enchiladas. Love this recipe. Family loves it too.

Two batches of tomato sauce.  I have stopped buying jarred sauce since I found this recipe. It is so yummy. Plus it makes me feel all domestic to make it from scratch.

Two batches of sloppy joes. We had one for dinner last night and I froze one. This is the only sloppy joe recipe I really like. So much better than manwich, seriously. And way cheap to make. Just don’t leave out the onions when you fry up the meat. It makes a huge difference, even if you’re not a big onion fan.

A double batch of peanut butter granola. We love this stuff around here.

And also I hard-cooked some eggs, which my guys all love for breakfasts and snacks.

Anyway, I think that’s a pretty good amount of food for a day’s work, especially considering that I did a lot of it while answering incessant questions about rocketships and tripping over a baby. I still have quite a bit of cooked chicken left, which we will use to toss in things like quesadillas, etc.

I’m paying for it today with a lot of arthritis pain, but at least I don’t have to worry about cooking tonight!

And I suppose I should say that I am not obsessively linking to Hillbilly Housewife because she is paying me or hooking me up with free food or anything. Someone introduced me to her website a few years ago and I really like it. Her recipes are cheap, easy, and use the minimum ingredients required to get the job done. I definitely recommend.

Have a great day! I’m about to put the baby down for her nap and then have a little granola snack. And maybe watch a movie with Stinky. I think we earned ourselves a morning of vegging out. 🙂


8 thoughts on “Crazy Cooking Lady

  1. You are so smart! I have done this before, but it didn’t last long, even though I am totally converted to it. Maybe you just inspired me enough to give it another try. Thanks!

  2. You’ve inspired me so much. I really want to do a cooking day, but I would definitely need to clean out my freezer first (blah).

  3. i have days like this… well almost, i ‘ve NEVER done that much cooking. but i do take sats and cook a few meals then freeze them for my sanity later.
    i make chilli, spaghetti sauce, pot pies, enchilladas, and pesto… {growl.. tummy’s starting to rumble}.

  4. Sorry you’re paying for it today but you got 2 weeks’ worth of food made!!! And thanks for making me feel like a slacker! lol

  5. I’ve considered this once in a while. I think i may gaffle some of your recipes and try it out sometime. Plus i can freeze them in small portions since 90% of the time it’s just Luc and myself.

  6. Wow, that is pretty amazing! I fantasize about things like this, but since I can’t usually even make one meal at a time, two weeks’ worth is a little daunting. But way to you, you! Hope you enjoyed your movie! 🙂

  7. you are a crazy cooking lady! wow! inspired 🙂 i used to do this on occasion, and i remember the feeling of having four meals in the freezer by 8am. fantastic!

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