Mountains and Giraffes

Once my sister Laura decided that Thursdays are a sad day. I really can’t remember when she started doing this, but she did, in a very funny voice. And the story goes like this:

Fursday is a sad day! Fursday is the day the giraffe falls off the mountain and dies on Fursday!

This is possibly the weirdest thing my sister has ever done, except for the way she used to laugh at her own jokes until she fell off her chair, and believe me when I say that her jokes were not funny. Also she used to wear socks to the pool because she didn’t like her toes. Or the boys made fun of her toes. Or something like that.

Anyway, since the first day when Laura declared Fursday to be a sad day, a whole family mythology has built up around Thursdays and the giraffes and the mountain and everything. The most notable exception to the giraffes dying on Thursdays rule is Thanksgiving. On Thanksgiving the giraffes fall off the mountain and land on the turkeys, which die. So the giraffes are miraculously saved and we get turkey for dinner.

I have no idea why I’m sharing this except that today I took this picture of myself and it looks like the face Laura makes when she’s telling the giraffe story.

Maybe if we all ask very very nicely, she will make a video of herself telling about the giraffes. If she does, I promise to post it.

Please, Laura? Pretty please with sugar and cherries on top?? And CHEESECAKE? (Cheesecake is Laura’s love language).


6 thoughts on “Mountains and Giraffes

  1. First of all, there will be no video. Ever. Thankyouverymuch.

    Second of all, my giraffe does not continue to fall of the mountain every single Thursday. In fact, it has always been past tense. “My giraffe fell off a mountain and died on Thursday.” And while I think other giraffes continue to fall off and die on Thursdays, the real tragedy is that MINE fell off and died.

    Now where’s my cheesecake.

  2. Whenever I ask my students the days of the week I cue them with the initial sound. On Fridays I say “fffffffffffff” and many of the students regularly say, “Fursday!”

  3. The tragedy of girffes falling of mountains has come to our house! Abby’s thrid favorite animal is a girrafe (right after monkeys, and goats) and she is strangely fascinated by this occurence. Her one stuffed animal goat that she just got is going to stay safely on her pillow on Fursdays to avoid such a terrible calamity! :0)

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