Good Thing It’s So Pretty Or I Might Actually Have to Cook Or Something

A few weeks ago I emailed my sister in a panic. Tonight our church is having a mother-daughter dessert fellowship, and I’m speaking, and the theme is aprons, and the only apron in our house was a child-sized red and white checked apron I bought at Walmart several years ago in a set with a child-sized potholder and rolling pin.

My sister is the most awesome sister in the universe, in spite of how much I make fun of her, and in spite of the fact that she refuses to tell the giraffe story on video for us. (Meanie). But she is a very talented seamstress, so she agreed to make me an apron and it came today. (Yes, it is cutting it close. She has four kids, three of whom she is homeschooling, plus she takes online classes and leads crafts for her MOPS group and is active in her church and stays very busy, so it was a huge blessing to me that she took time out to make this for me. Plus, I’m speaking in six hours and only have a vague outline prepared, so I’m really not able to criticize.)

Anyway. Pictures. Which is the whole point of this long post in the first place.

She didn’t tell me anything about it except that it had cupcakes on it. And ruffles.

I had her make the top extra wide. I used to wear an apron at work and had some issues with it never sitting straight, if you know what I mean. If not, be glad.

Seriously. Isn’t it CUTE??? Even with me in it??? Ha!

And guess what. She also made a little one for Squeezy Bug.

Unfortunately, Squeezy Bug was not really in the mood for mother-daughter apron picture bonding.

She was, however, apparently in the mood to have a charismatic experience. Someone tell this child we’re Baptists, would you?

Good thing we’re so cute. I’m sure that will make up for my lack of content when I speak tonight, right?

Thanks, Laura. You are seriously the best. 🙂

(And thanks for making it so cute. I could never, ever risk getting something on it, so I guess I don’t have to cook. Right?)


13 thoughts on “Good Thing It’s So Pretty Or I Might Actually Have to Cook Or Something

  1. Wweeeee!!! I think it looks great on you! And I don’t think the bib looks too big at all (I hope you don’t think it’s too big…). I’m so glad you like it!

  2. Erin, The pictures are sweet. I love the one with Gracie being Charasmatic!!! Laura did a beautiful job!!!

    I always did a better job when I had to do a M/D banquet when I finalized my speech at the last minute. Seemed like I could never get my thoughts together until just about time to speak. Will be prauing for you – and I know you will do fine. God has given you the gift of speaking like He has given Laura the git of sewing. Love, Sandy

  3. Super cute. I totally understand about Gracie not sitting still for pictures, and it made me laugh really hard to see her “poses”. 😉

    I think Laura should sell those aprons online. I would buy one.

    • I’ve thought about making them and selling them, but I’d have to price them SO high to make any money. Don’t really think anyone would buy one since it would have to be priced so high.

  4. well… i missed wishing you luck… so how did it go? i hope you were the bell of the ball in that apron! what a great sister you have… even though there is still no sign of the giraffe story 🙂

  5. Oh, my goodness. NOw my little apron project looks so pathetic 🙂 But you are just adorable! Your Laura is a very talented seamstress. I bet she doesn’t have sore fingertips like me from pinpricks. OUch.

    Happy Mom’s Day, Erin!

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