Stinky at the Bat

Today marked an epic day in our family’s history, as Stinky became the first of our children to participate in organized sports.

Tee-Ball has begun here in our happy suburb, and Iowa was so thrilled by that fact that it forgot that it’s May and gave us March weather instead. But the ridiculously cold weather could not dampen the spirits of one very excited five-year-old in a very oversized red t-shirt.

Stinky’s team is the Reds, and today they were playing against the Diamondbacks. But first they had a few minutes of practice.

Then they all sat on the bench for a pep talk from the coach. Basically the pep talk said “try to remember you’re playing an actual game and not getting a prize for who can draw the most elaborate picture in the dirt.”

Unfortunately, no one was actually paying attention to the coach’s speech, which might explain all the beautiful drawings in the dirt in the outfield.

Isn’t he so cute in the batting helmet?

His coach is an awesome guy; very patient. Maybe by the end of the season Stinky will learn the right way to stand and swing. I’m not holding my breath though.

I just love the concentration on his face in this picture. Coach had just told him to keep his eye on the ball.

And we have a hit!

Running to first base. Or possibly to second. Or possibly running for no reason anyone could possibly discern.

Proudly standing on base, once he found it.

And here he is running into home. Tee-ball for five-year-olds is an exciting sport where everyone gets to run home regardless of whether they actually earned the right or not. I think at one point Stinky was actually behind the kid who batted after him. It was all very cute.

Running the bases is fairly simple, but fielding is a bit more complicated. During his first couple times in the field, Stinky stood around looking cute and ignoring the ball while all his little teammates went after it. But by the third time out, he had figured out that he was supposed to be trying to catch the ball. It came to him, and he actually got down to grab it.

And then all those other kids that were also going after the ball ran into him and it was more like tackle football than tee-ball. Which I suppose was fitting, considering the windchills in the lower forties.

Thankfully, shortly after his highly traumatizing injury, the game ended with high fives all around.

And then it was the time they had all been waiting for– treat time!

At this point a certain seven-year-old became completely convinced of the unfairness and cruelty of the universe when he realized that snacks were only for the actual team members and not for their big brothers. And then we got to have a Teaching Moment.

But in spite of all that, Stinky had a fabulous time and can’t wait till next week.

Maybe he won’t have to wear a sweatshirt under his team shirt.


10 thoughts on “Stinky at the Bat

  1. Very sweet photos! My sister called today to tell me about my 4-yr old nephew who plays t-ball. Apparently he was playing catcher and wearing all of the gear, which tipped him over. He looked like a turtle turned on its back that couldn’t get up! i love little league, as long as the parents just let the kids play.

  2. Yay! How fun! Good job Stinky! Baseball is my absolute favorite summer activity, and it is so American. I will be so excited when my son is old enough to play. Isn’t the weather so crazy this weekend!?!

  3. Ooooooo I can’t wait for t-ball a few years from now!!! Stinky looks like he might be a natural 🙂

    Great to see you last night. Thank for the devotional.

  4. Looks like he really had a wonderful time!! We are glad he likes to play ball!! The pictures and story were great!

  5. so cute.
    noah played tee-ball when he was 5. he’d hit the ball then run straight down the middle of the field after the ball to retrieve it. i stood on the sideline each time yelling, “go noah, that’s my boy, run, run!!!”

    that was his last year playing organized sports. 🙂

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  7. watch out! with that smile he might just talk the bubs & little one into organized sports too! looks like fun!

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