Slapdash Saturday edition 7– the Mother’s Day and Tinfoil Edition

You know, it’s so weird how it feels like it’s just been a few days since I posted a Slapdash Saturday. Crazy.

Anyway, speaking of crazy, the other day one of my Facebook friends posted the following in her status line:

Facebook now automatically scans your brain through your monitor. To block, go to Kitchen Cabinets remove box of Aluminum Foil. Wrap foil around your head, stay calm & breathe through your left nostril. This is a serious problem & has been confirmed by my cousin’s girlfriend’s neighbor’s son’s baby’s mama and her pet chihuahua. Copy and paste as your status & SAVE YOUR FRIENDS!!

Which is hilarious, and which of course I immediately stole and put in my status line, which caused my sister to post the following picture of herself:

And this one of her kids:

Which forced me to take some pictures of my own:

If you’re lucky you’ll never see my face that up close and personal again.

She wouldn’t let me put the hat on her head, so we settled for antennae covers.

In other exciting news, did I mention my sister made me an apron?

Because she did.

And also, did I mention that Stinky started t-ball?

Because he did.

And other than that, this week has kind of slipped by in a blur. Weird how that happens sometimes?

And today is Mother’s Day, so I made Art take pictures of the kids and me in our church clothes.

This picture weirds me out a little. I just look so mothery. I mean, you’d think that with a little flock of children running around my feet that I would not be surprised when I look maternal, but sometimes these things just startle me.

This was when Squeezy decided to try to make a break for it.

And here we have the required crazed little boy smiles.

I wonder if they arrange ahead of time to take turns closing their eyes and ruining otherwise good pictures?

Have I mentioned that being the mom of a girl is so much fun?

Truly, I am blessed. Even in all the chaos and the crazy and the ridiculous and the noise and the mess. I am so very blessed.

And to my mom, and my mother-in-law, and my grandmother, and my sister and sister-in-law, and to all the sweet mothers in my life, Happy Mother’s Day.


6 thoughts on “Slapdash Saturday edition 7– the Mother’s Day and Tinfoil Edition

  1. i’m going to go grab the foil right now, out of fear that facebook will be able to detect what color bra i’m wearing (did this status update also hit you a number of weeks ago).

    you look especially pretty in the pic with you girl.

    the last pic is my favorite.

  2. that last picture is so full of squishy love! and foil-free! i might ahve to give the foil a try… because facebook sure seems to know a lot of stuff. but i doubt i’m going to post the pictures 🙂 you are one fun mama…

  3. I love the tin foil, especially the antennae covers! I made one of my friends a tin foil hat when she got her master’s degree a couple of years ago, you can find it by searching something like “tin foil hat” on my blog (weird, right?) Anyway, all that to say, my facebook friends have been protected for YEARS. 😉

    Happy Mother’s Day to you!!!! (still technically Sunday here, two extra hours of…well, homework for me, is a hurrah appropriate? The answer is no.)

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