Some Stuff about Things, and Some Things about Stuff

So this week our family has been blessed by the Evil Stomach Virus of Despair. And by our family, I mainly mean Art and I. Me. I? So much for my mad grammar skills.


Aside from writhing in misery and attempting to keep my children from killing themselves, I haven’t accomplished much this week. Except that yesterday I had a little email-chat with my pal Jo from Mylestones, who is in the process of moving from Maine to somewhere midwest-ish, which is very happy news for me because maybe we’ll actually be able to get together sometime, and I’m just adding this so that this sentence will be even ridiculously longer than it already is.

Apparently tummy bugs make me verbose. Who knew?

(because usually I am so succinct).

Anyway, Jo has been very busy savoring her last months in Maine, and you know doing all kinds of exciting stuff like packing and cleaning, so she’s been busy and had decided to put Flashback Fridays on hold till she’s up to doing them again. So I said I could take over Flashback Fridays, for the time being, if she wants me to, and she said that would be awesome.

So the point all that is that starting this Friday, we will be flashing back here at Together for Good for time unspecified, until Jo is ready to go again. I will try to have a cute little temporary button ready by then, but I wanted to give you all the heads up. Post something from your archives, or post a story about something that happened sometime in your past– we really aren’t very picky. It’s all about fun and not being stressed out.

If you’d like a theme, let’s go with Graduation, since it is that time of year. But you don’t have to use my theme. I might not even use my theme. You never know.

In other news, Monday I came home from work and my husband told me a package had arrived. I was not expecting such a package, so imagine my surprise when I opened the box and found within all sorts of clothing for Squeezy  Bug. From an anonymous blog reader, although I have my suspicions. (shifty eyes). I thought about setting my detectives on the case, but decided to let them keep building space ships or swords or magic tricks or whatever it is they were building at the time. Still. Thank you, whoever you are, what a blessing that was. 🙂

And now, a certain Stinky munchkin thinks I need to go play Doctor Mario with him, and since it’s pouring rain and I can’t exactly send him outside, I guess I will.


12 thoughts on “Some Stuff about Things, and Some Things about Stuff

  1. “I mean mainly Art and me.” Because you wouldn’t say “I mean mainly I.” At least that’s what I was taught.

  2. Hooray! You’re taking on Flashback Friday! I wanted to do that but I don’t have NEARLY enough followers and am petrified of putting up a MckLinky and NO ONE linking up. Kind of like scheduling a party or a play date and NO ONE comes! (Been there. Done that.)

    I’ll be linking up Friday …just throwing that in just in case you’re petrified of rejection like lil’ ‘ol me.

  3. i think it is so wrong that i just laughed my way through your stomach virus induced ramble! (oh, sorry… i meant “ramble” in a good way) so now the pressure is on for Friday! but that is okay… i will be ready! and you crack me up about not using your own theme…

  4. Oh good! So glad you are taking Flashback Friday until she gets back…i enjoy it so much.
    Poor sweeties….yechy stomach virus stuff. I feel for ya…..from way far away….LOL.

  5. Oh, my goodness, my graduation was so long ago I’d have to go back further than the archives!

    I hope you all are on the mend soon. No fun when mommy is sick. If you’re feeling up to Mario, things must be looking up 🙂

    I’ll have to check out Flashback Friday and see what I can do!

  6. A reader!? A reader she says! What or who is a reader?
    Remember, i’m new to this…so you’re telling me that i need SOMEBODY ELSE to read my blog?
    Really, what is a reader?

  7. maybe i will join in on flash back friday. i’ve actually been thinking about it. i’ve got some funny stories. speaking of graduation- my skirt fell off at my 8th grade graduation…it’s a funny story.

  8. We have not been hit by the virus this year! Fingers crossed.

    Sweet to get an anonymous gift like that!

    And on the “me”, “I” thingy… just take out the other person’s name and see what sounds right. For example, ” … I mean mainly (Art and) me.” Just a little help from the wife of an english prof. 🙂

  9. Re: I and me: the rest of the sentence needs the “I”, as in “I have had a virus”.
    Denise, I’d love to hear the story of the skirt that fell off at graduation!

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