Ten Years, Ten Things

So, y’all might not have realized it, but our tenth wedding anniversary is tomorrow. I know. I’ve been truly subtle about it.

I am nothing if not subtle.

Anyway, in honor of the amazing ten years Art and I have spent in wedded bliss, I offer you:

Ten Things That Are Even More Awesome About Us Now

1. Between the two of us, we have three more degrees than we did then. If you count Bubs graduating from kindergarten, we have four more.

2. Art has, on more than one occasion since our wedding day, worn a shirt that was not blue.

3. We own a Dodge Grand Caravan instead of a Plymouth Horizon. (Seriously, that car was amazing. The first year we were married, Iowa had a horrible winter and that car slid off the road into a ditch about five times. Also, at one point the only door on that car that worked properly was the rear passenger door. It was exciting.)

4. I have better eyebrows since I bit the bullet a few years ago and started getting them waxed.

5. We’re both better cooks. I can now cook more than hamburger helper and muffins from a Jiffy mix, and Art recently learned the secret of fluffy scrambled eggs.

6. Art has way better glasses now.

7. We have internet access and long distance.

8. I have a much cuter and more extensive collection of cozy pajama pants than I did ten years ago.

9. Art is way hotter with the crinkly smile lines around his eyes.

10.We’re both better kissers. Ten more years of practice, ya know. (I must confess to looking forward to ten more years of kissing him!) (Sorry Dad) (And Mom) (And Laura) (And all my other relatives) (And many of my friends as well)

It’s been a good, bad, simple, complicated, joyful, sad, healthy, sick, amazing ten years.

And we’re still completely awesome.

It’s good to be awesome.

(Still working on that whole humility thing though)

Good, True & Beautiful

P.S.– Flashback Friday will be here again this week, and if you need a theme please indulge me if I pick weddings! But don’t feel like you have to write about weddings. You can if you want. Just be sure to link up, okay? I might not get the post up till Friday morning but I promise I’ll get it up! πŸ™‚


12 thoughts on “Ten Years, Ten Things

  1. Congratulations Kids on 10 years of wedded bliss!! We remember the day you got married and how scared you were as you started your life together!! May you have many more years of happiness and wedded bliss!! We love you both very much!! Great Picture!!

  2. woohoo! Happy Anniversary!

    Ten years is a good one… very grown up and established and respectable. And totally AMAZING, of course!

    (not that the fact that you’ve been married for ten years amazes me, in the way that I might be amazed at the mountain of laundry I’ve neglected this week… no, an entirely good, wonderful, terrific, happy for you, way of amazing. Like Chocolate ice cream with sprinkles.)

  3. Congratulations to you and Art!! The longer you are married the sweeter the kisses get and the deeper your love grows. It is wonderful. We are going to Elizabeth Miller’s wedding on Saturday!! Sandy

  4. happy, happy anniversary! it feels good to celebrate, doesn’t it?! i love your list, and that great pic of the two of you πŸ™‚ and seriously, #10 makes up for a ton of other stuff, doesn’t it?!

  5. ❀ Squeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! Happy Happy day you two!!! I am possibly the only one related to you NOT grossed out by that kissing comment!!! I'm just sitting here beaming at the computer screen!!!

  6. happy 10th anniversary!

    “It’s been a good, bad, simple, complicated, joyful, sad, healthy, sick, amazing ten years. ” the same was true of our first 10 years together. and it shaped and molded us for God’s glory, and drew us closer together in Him.

    men really are much hotter with age (the same is true of my hubby).

    and i know exactly where i was on your wedding day 10 years ago, my s.i.l. (the pleated poppy) was also getting hitched that day.

  7. You guys are awesome. Happy anniversary to you two lovebirds. Isn’t May the best time to get married? Get started on more kissing practice. If you haven’t already.

  8. Happy Anniversary!!! 10 years is definitely something to celebrate. Perhaps some more kissing “practice” might be in order!

  9. congratulations and all that that everyone else will say – but seriously, this scares me. it means that it is ten years since I was a student at FBBC and met you. that feels like a looong time…

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