A Good Day for a Wedding

When I ran out the door with my sister on my wedding day, headed for the salon, I left my veil behind. We had to run back and get it.

The makeup lady told us that my best bet was to go to Walgreens and buy waterproof mascara, so we went with our hair all fancy and my veil on and bought mascara so if we cried it wouldn’t run.

My sister needed it more than I did. I only cried once.

We stopped at McDonald’s and got a snack because we were starving after getting our hair and nails and faces done. The guy asked which of us was getting married. You would have thought the veil would clue him in. You would have thought.

I wore something old (the necklace I wore in a wedding when I was four), something new (most of my clothes), something borrowed (the ring my Grandma Edwards passed on to my mother), and something blue (the ribbon in my garter). And I had a penny in my shoe, because my Grandma Cobb said that was part of the tradition too.

Our friends Jon and Alex played guitar and violin for the prelude. It was beautiful, and I relaxed and listened and ate grapes with the skirt of my wedding dress draped over the back of my chair so it wouldn’t get wrinkled.

Dear friends who have since gone to heaven sang “Great is Thy Faithfulness” while our mothers lit candles. That song still rings good and true after ten years. We have seen His great faithfulness.

The bridesmaids walked up to Canon in D, played by my Aunt Marge, and I walked up to the traditional wedding march. Tradition is important to us, and our wedding reflected that.

My dad read a poem to me– a poem he had written– when he gave me away. I almost cried then, but not quite. I didn’t want to run my waterproof mascara. I didn’t want my eyes red in my wedding pictures. I wanted people to know how happy I was. I still am. But I cry thinking about it. No mascara to worry about this morning.

I sang to him– a song I had written– accompanied by Jon with his guitar. He and his family moved to Wyoming years ago and I still miss having him around to play by ear for me. Haven’t seen them in three years, I think. Time for a visit, friends. We miss you.

I almost cried during our vows, when Art started to get emotional and teary-eyed. I didn’t want to cry. I crossed my eyes and made a dumb face to make him laugh instead. The memory makes me smile.

I had five bridesmaids and they all cried through the entire wedding, except my sweet friend Tammy. She beamed. She said weddings are happy, not sad. She was right. But I still cry now, when I think about it. Tears of memory and of change and of new walking away from old. Tears of joy and beauty and sorrow mingled. Tammy, you live too far away. You should come and visit Iowa too.

We were husband and wife, and he kissed the bride, and I don’t remember the kiss, but Art says it was very sweet and wonderful. It’s weird, what you remember and what you forget. It’s good to have him here to remember.

I remember a blur of family and friends and hugs and laughter and bubbles and pictures and camera flashes.

We smashed cake into each other’s faces, and people clinked their glasses and we kissed, and people clinked their glasses and Art almost kissed my mom, which was funny.

We were old-fashioned and opened our gifts there, at the church, because so many had come so far, and it was a blessing to spend a few more moments with them.

Then it was time to change, and to leave, and my mom undid the buttons on my dress and I walked away into the little room to change, and then the tears came, and they flowed free, and I was back there with my mother, her little girl one more minute, and always, crying in her arms.

I changed into my blue dress for leaving, and there were more hugs and more laughter and the tears were gone and with cans clanking on the back of the car we drove away, into forever.

And it was a good day.

But the life that has come since– that is even better.


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20 thoughts on “A Good Day for a Wedding

  1. Well, I suppose it’s no surprise that I cried through this entire post, since I also cried through the entire wedding. Good grief.

  2. SO sweet to see all of those pictures! I love the hugging one with your family.

    And you are right. We think we have it all on that wedding day, but years later, when the posterity enters the picture, then we start to see what it is all about.

  3. We too (well, my husband and I) stopped at McDonalds on our wedding day, but it was between the wedding and the dinner reception and we had been wedding-ing for hours and we. were. starving. πŸ™‚

    I love wedding pictures!!! Yours are awesome, and you have such a sweet story πŸ™‚

  4. As i was reading this i tried and tried to remember that day. You know my memory’s not the best, even with important things. When you mentioned making a face at Art to keep him from tearing up during his vows the whole day came flooding back. I especially remember the admiration and affection i felt for you in that moment. I’m glad you found someone as amazing as you are to share your life with. πŸ™‚

  5. Thanks so much for letting us be a part of your wedding. I think we still owe you a wedding present.
    Chris and Michelle

  6. i think that is the thing that makes me the happiest… that the life that follows the “day” is better than we imagined. probably because there was no way we could imagine all of this! which is good, because there are certainly some things i am glad i never thought to imagine! i love this walk through your wedding day… and it makes me sorry that i didn’t have the chance to flashback this week!

  7. This story should come with a warning that readers may need water-proof mascara, or tissues at the very least! Just beautiful! I linked from “Good, True & Beautiful.”

  8. What fun to relive your wedding day with you. That was such a special day and I felt so honored to be a part of it. Iowa and North Carolina are much too far apart — I agree!! I’ll be sure to let you know when I’m anywhere nearby! I would love to see you again and meet your kiddos!

  9. I tried to link into Flashback Friday, but it won’t let me this time!
    Anyway, your wedding sounds like a fun time…how could it be other with you there? You are so goofy!

  10. I just found your fun meme through good, true and beautiful! I love recalling special family memories!

    In fact I just started a new blog all about memories called Mommy’s Piggy Tales. The idea is to encourage moms to post once a week for 15 weeks about their youth.

    The first week is your birth story continuing on to the 15th post about after high school. My grandmother recently gave us her autobiography and I especially enjoyed reading about her as a child.

    Wouldn’t this be a priceless gift for your children? I hope you will consider joining us. You can find more details at the blog but we will start linking up June 10.
    God Bless!

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