Day O’ Family Fun

Art’s been in classes the last two weeks, five hours a day, plus working, and I’ve been working, and life’s been a bit crazy, so we decided we needed a day of family fun and excitement. We thought about all the fun thing we could do, and settled on this:

Believe it or not, the boys consider a trip to the capitol building to be a fun treat.

This is the inside of the rotunda. Usually Art takes pictures of the dome standing directly underneath, but you couldn’t yesterday because they’re doing renovations and it’s all blocked off. It’s really cool though. (Most of the pictures in this post were taken by my wonderful husband).

Of course, before we could actually begin our tour, we had to take a bathroom break. And look what I found while the boys were using the bathroom!

The boys had absolutely no idea what it was, so I had to explain it to them. Ha!

Stinky and Bubs loved looking at this model of the USS Iowa.

This is one of the bells from the ship.

Squeezy Bug enjoyed the experience as long as we didn’t try to keep her in her stroller too much.

She thought the tile floor was fun to walk on, but her truest love was the stairs.

We didn’t really get a good picture, because we were a bit concerned about the potential results of a combination of gravity, wobbly baby, and stone stairs.

One of the most awesome places in the Iowa capitol building is the law library.

It is huge and seriously gorgeous. See those cool staircases?

Don’t they remind you of the library from Beauty and the Beast?

Unfortunately you can’t go up there anymore unless you’re a capitol employee, thanks to that pesky little thing they call the fire code. But they sure are pretty to look at. And honestly, it’s probably good you can’t go up there, or we may have lost a child or two in the stacks.

I love this shot. Taken by Art, of course.

A nice man who was touring the capitol with his family took this picture for us. Aren’t we adorable?

Just the kids being cute.

I swear that child would have toddled and crawled around in there all day long if we had let her. She was not a happy little duck when we took her out, especially when she had to go back in her stroller!

This display case has the oldest and most valuable books in the library’s collection. The one with my heart on it was printed by Benjamin Franklin himself. It’s so cool. I love stuff like that.

Art took these out on the front steps of the capitol. Just us goofing around!

Isn’t that one nice of Bubs?

Sometimes I forget to just be silly with my kids.

It’s fun to take a day, or an afternoon, or even a few minutes and just be a little goofy.

Speaking of goofy, when Art took these pictures he was laying down holding the camera upside down. He was feeling a bit left out so he took this one of himself.

It reminds me of a college friend Tim who had heard that people who were beheaded had a few moments of conscious thought before their brains stopped working. He always said if he were beheaded he would smile like this at us so we would know. Bahahaha.

And Art also took some pictures of me, because apparently he thinks I’m cute, and who am I to destroy his illusions?

It was a teeny bit windy.

We walked all the way around the outside of the capitol, taking in the sights, including this most thrilling light post.

Light posts are way more adorable with a small child attached to them. Ha!

Bubs is planning for a future as Wile E. Coyote.

Like son, like father I guess.

We also checked out some memorials that are across from the capitol building. I had to leave most of them out, though, thanks to the anatomy lessons they displayed. Seriously.

He just blends right in, doesn’t he? 😉

It was a good day. I took more pictures later in the day too, but I think that’s enough for one long rambly post.

Thanks for coming along for the ride!


7 thoughts on “Day O’ Family Fun

  1. what a day! my kids would have loved every second of it! and those staircases… wow, are they beautiful! and the goofy faces? icing on the cake!

  2. LOVE that library!

    what a beautiful capitol you have. makes our cali. capitol look hideous (and i use to think it was perty).

    i think we need to visit iowa. are there stalks of corn lining the capitol mall?
    i like corn.
    i eat mine round and round.
    my husband eats his side to side.
    round and round is better.

    how do you eat your corn?

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